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Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream

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What ever happened to Johnson and Johnson First Aid Cream? It worked well and has been a family favorite for years. I can't find it in stores. Can we buy it on-line? Any recommended substitutes?

By Don


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By Shirley B.01/03/2015

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Cream was superior to anything else on the market, I believe, due to the ingredient Beeswax. No matter what they say, without the beeswax, it will never be the same great product. Got stung by a bee years ago. Everyday, at 4PM, severe itching attacks would occur. The beeswax stopped the itching instantly and completely. Sure wish they would bring back the original formula, and apparently so do a lot of other folks. Wake up, Johnson and Johnson. When you have a good thing, stick with it.

By Guy S.08/24/2013

I found a great substitute for J&J First Aid cream - a lot cheaper, same basic ingredients (some alternate ingredients, but same effect) thwy have it at it's under $2 and seems to work just the same.

RE: Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream

By dvodvo03/07/2013

I called Johnson & Johnson and was told the First Aid cream was discontinued in June, 2009. I was told it was replaced with a more effective product having better healing properties, namely Neosporin. When I mentioned that I liked the old product better because it wasn't greasy, the representative told me to try the Neosporin (+) Pain Relief in the cream variety (not the ointment). So I tried it and this newer product seems just like the old stuff to me.

By cybergrannie [30]12/02/2011

There was also a cream called Vitamins A&D Cream put out by Eckerd drugstores (Florida?) many years ago. I believe it was like the J&J brand and is no longer produced. White House was the manufacturer and are now out of business. I used many tubes of this when raising my children and I felt like it would heal "overnight" and was never greasy.

They try to tell you that A&D Ointment is the same thing - may be - but oh so greasy. Maybe the cream was too good.

The dollar tree now sells a tube of their A&D Cream (1.00) but it is not as good as the other and I have not compared ingredients.

By Anonymous [848]12/01/2011

You're so right that J&J Cream was not as greasy as it's counterparts, Cricket! It's because the cream had beeswax in it to make it creamier and I did like that about the product a lot :-)

By Cricket [201]12/01/2011

Deeli's right. The generic brand of Neosporin (I get mine at Wal Mart, again several dollars cheaper than the brand name) is exactly the same as the Neosporin brand.

I will say tho, Deeli, that it's not the same as the first aid cream that Don was asking about. Neosporin and it's generics are more greasy than the first aid cream was. Altho it does work just as well.

By Cricket [201]12/01/2011

There are several products that used to be readily available and worked amazingly well, but are no longer manufactured. J & J First Aid Cream was one. Anotber was that spray that we used to spray on our pillows at night when we had a cold. It kept my nose clear better than anything available today! Also, Vitapointe hair conditioner. My mother used to put that on my hair and then brush it dry. I did the same for my daughter and my granddaughters and each of us had hair like silk. I just found this at the Sally Beauty Supply web site. Haven't seen it in stores in almost 20 years.

By Anonymous [848]12/01/2011

I am fairly sure that product is no longer manufactured. Neosporin contains the same neccessary ingredients, however, I suggest using the pharmacy brand of Neosporin because it's oodles of dollars cheaper and also contains the same ingredients and ingredient amounts. I use Walgreen's Triple Antibiotic and the last tube I purchased was almost $4.00 less a tube than Neosporin.

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