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Glass Top Range Cleaner


I have a black range top for cooking. What is the best cleaning product to use for this type of surface? I have tried the standards, 409K, Fantastik, special wipes, but it doesn't really clean the range. I just need to clean the top, the self-cleaning part inside works fine. Thank you.

By MikeU. from Germantown, MD


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By Lisa 2 131 10/08/2009

I use Barkeeper's Friend on my glass top range, and on stainless steel and bathroom fixtures. It's a great non-abrasive powder.

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By Mary 13 10/08/2009

I have found Magic Eraser works wonders and will even get the burnt spots off. I usually follow that with a quick wipe down with glass cleaner because that seems to leave it nice and shiny.

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By LINDA ROLINSKI 25 47 10/08/2009

The best I've found is Glass Cook Top Cleaner by Weiman which you can find at Lowe's (therefore, probably Home Depot too), but we buy it at Lowe's. You shake it, pour on (I pour about 4 lines of it), spread it around with my scrubby thing, let it sit for a minute and then wipe it off with paper towels or a kitchen towel. Talk about shine! This stuff is fantastic!

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By Candace Dotson 1 8 10/08/2009

Magic erase and occasionally I use soft scrub-but I'm careful not to scrub too hard.

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By Rick 1 11/04/2009

I was an appliance repairman for over thirty years and the best product I found for glass cooktops was called Ceramabryte, sold at Sears and Home Depot. Use with a dry or slightly damp cloth and rub out dark areas then wipe clean. Use daily and you will find your top much easier to keep clean then if you let it get dirty.

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Archive: Glass Top Range Cleaner

I am looking for a powdered smooth top cleanser. Sears sold one for a long time, but now only carries the liquid which is not even half as good. Does anyone know where I can find it? What is your best cleaner for a white cook top?


RE: Glass Top Range Cleaner

I use Easy Off one step glass top cleaner, works very well. (11/12/2004)

By Joyce

RE: Glass Top Range Cleaner

I use Bon Ami on mine (for 12 years) and haven't scratched it yet. (11/24/2004)

By johnsonya

RE: Glass Top Range Cleaner

Mr. Clean Eraser will take off what ever Bon Ami doesn't. (01/17/2005)

By johnsonya

RE: Glass Top Range Cleaner

I'm using Vim with a non scratch pad. (05/20/2007)

By CoCo 007

RE: Glass Top Range Cleaner

Use baking soda. (11/28/2008)

By Lesley

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