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This tip is for families living on one income with school age children. We have a limited budget and every year the elementary school takes 2 sets of pictures for the parents to purchase. One in the fall and the other in the spring.

I've discovered that if you volunteer to help the photographers with the children, combing their hair, tying shoes, matching up the order forms with the correct child, etc. that the picture company gives the volunteers their child's picture package for free. Check with your school's PTA volunteer coordinator and the school's picture company to see if your school participates in this. It only is for a few hours twice a year, and it can save you up to $70.00 per school year!

By Kim


By linda (Guest Post) 03/03/2005

You are so lucky! Volunteers at our school do NOT get free pictures. I guess it depends on the school.

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By brenda newton 6 344 03/03/2005

Instead of spending $70 or whatever on the school pictures I opt to take my kids to Walmart and have their picture taken there. I get more pictures and spend usually between $5 and $10, depending on the special they have on that month. I only buy the class picture from the school.

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