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What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund and Schnauzer Mix)

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What Breed Is My Dog?

Does anyone know what breed of dog this is?




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By Nellesha07/29/2010

I have the same dog, a mix between a Dachshund Weiner dog and a Schnauser. I haven't ever recieved an official name, although I have gotten many comments on her being a wire-haired Schnauser, which is a purebred dog. She is very protective, while im sleeping my mother takes her out, and shuts my door completely, and tries to keep her in the living room so she wont chew up any of my things like she has before; however, she seems to get into my room, without even opening my door. She never leaves my side, and follows me everywhere. (: I like to call her a Weinerschnauz anyway though. It sounds childish, but i am only 14, ha.

I call her DD.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)

By lisa05/13/2009

That is for sure a dachshund-schnauzer mix my dachshund just had puppies with a schnauzer looks exactly like your dog.

By Krysti [1]04/21/2009

Oh my - that is the cutest dog ever! Who cares what he is!

By SUMMER (Guest Post)01/04/2009

That has to be just a wired haired dachshund to me if it was a mix it would probably be a little bit bigger, but that's just me.

By Jane W. (Guest Post)12/10/2008

He is totally a soft wire haired dachshund. I have the same kind, he looks just like him but he is black and tan. Yours looks like a standard dachshund because he is a big boy or girl. Mine is also, he is standard and weights about 26 lbs. Mine needs to lose some weight. He is very cute! I bet he has a great personality, mine certainly does.

By Erika (Guest Post)12/07/2008

That is a Coton de Tulear. It is a cut down one. I see them at shows all the time. it is not a mix.

By Charmian (Guest Post)08/12/2008

I have a dachshund that is a long hair and wire hair mix. They are called soft coated wire hair dachshunds.
The wire dachshund has the beard, eyebrows and beard the long hair causes the longer curly hair all over the body. We call her our little regge dog. She is darling and looks a lot like yours only with longer curly hair. Look under Google as soft coated wire dachshund.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)

By shyenne (Guest Post)06/21/2008

I prefer to call my dachshund - mini schnauzer mix, a "schiweenie". I like it better.

By Tina (Guest Post)06/11/2008

I have a min. schnauzer/min. dachsund mix and she is by far the best dog I have ever had. She has been a member of our family for a little over 3 years. I have been thinking of trying to find a male to breed her with since her personality is so wonderful.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)

By TERRI NELSON06/10/2008

Hi, your dog is a schnashund.

By Kinyobi'sMom (Guest Post)06/09/2008

I dont see Dandy Dinmont much. I have a Schnauzer Dachshund. Here is a picture of him.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)

By nan (Guest Post)03/10/2008

It's called a schnoxie

By Gloria (Guest Post)11/21/2007

This is my dog Gus, he is half long hair dachshund and half schnauzer, he is the best dog I have ever had, he has the short front legs and longer back legs, long body and looks just like yours from the side, I have him cut in a schnauzer cut.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)



By media (Guest Post)08/16/2007

Our dachshund bred with our mini-schnauzer and the pups were just born two days ago. We are anxious to see what they end up looking like. Right now they look like dachsunds. Your pup is adorable.

By Jesse (Guest Post)08/15/2007

I agree that this is a Schnauzer\Daschund mix, but it might not be. Try asking a Vet or Trainer.

By debbie (Guest Post)08/15/2007

Whatever it is, it sure is a cutie pie. Who cares what breed it is? Just love it and enjoy.

By ellen wagner [18]08/15/2007

I don't know what breed he is, but he is sooo adorable !!!

By Deborah Carapella08/15/2007

It looks like a wire haired dachshund to me. We had a black one with the same look.. just a different color.

By Ella (Guest Post)08/15/2007

I think Schnauzer/dashund is a good bet. I have a Schnauzer/Basset and she isn't quite that low to the ground but she is long and short with pretty much the same stance. Looks like yours has the Schnauzer coloring for sure. Looks like a sweet puppy.

By deb in sc (Guest Post)08/14/2007

looks like a part bearded collie and rat tail terrier to me; with maybe some daschund or basset mixed in.

By Timmie [4]08/14/2007

No one else has said this, and I do think it kind of looks like the Dandie Dinmont terrier, but I think it kind of looks like part Shih Tzu. Does anyone else see that?

TC in MO

By Tigger1971 (Guest Post)08/14/2007

My best guess is a wire haired dachsund

By Krysta08/12/2007

it is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, i can assure you

By anon (Guest Post)08/12/2007

kinda looks like a Dandy Dinmont. look it up at the AKC site.

By Beth [5]08/12/2007

A Shnaushund! Ha! How cute- He must get lots of second glances. Very unique looking. :)

By Roz Graham [7]08/12/2007

Hi, It looks like it has Mini-Schnauser and Dachshound in there somewhere!! Enjoy

By Kristin (Guest Post)08/12/2007

Looks like a dachsund/schnauzer to me!

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