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Louisiana Fish Fry Recipes

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fried fish

You can make a fish fry mix similar to that available at the grocery, at home. This page contains Louisiana fish fry recipes.



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Question: Louisiana Fish Fry Recipe

I am looking for a recipe for the packets of Louisiana Seasoned Fish Fry. It comes in a blue and white package that you can buy at the grocery store. It's pretty expensive for the amount you get and I would love to be able to make my own.

It's a total seasoning for oysters, shrimp, all meats, and even vegetables. We really like it, but you just don't get that much. Thank you.


By angelheart from Clyde, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Joan Dykes [14]10/08/2009

Angelheart--go to this site-scroll down to Fried Fish, from your neighbor in Louisiana, joanie

Solutions: Louisiana Fish Fry Recipes

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