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English Version of Graham Crackers

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What are the English version of Graham Crackers?

Barbara from Costa Blanca, Spain



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By jan nash [8]06/17/2007

digestives .you can also buy half covered milk or plain chocolate ones

By jan (Guest Post)06/15/2007

English version of Graham crackers are called Digestive Biscuits.You can also get them half covered in milk or plain chocolate

By SL Edens [1]06/14/2007

I'm not sure what the English version of a graham cracker is. The closest I've come in the Netherlands (flavor wise but harder in texture) is a cookie called Bastogne by LU.

By Andy (Guest Post)06/13/2007


"Substitute digestive biscuits or a mix of 50% digestive biscuits (for the right texture) and 50% rich tea biscuits (for a hint more sweetness)"

By Roz (Guest Post)06/13/2007

I think it would be Digestives, or as my mum would call them"suggestives!!!"

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