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Yeast Rash In Skin Folds


I am looking for relief for a yeast/fungal rash under my breast and in the fold of my leg. Has anyone experienced this and what did you use to get rid of the rash?

az2010 from Easthampton, MA



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By SAT 2 75 06/04/2011 Flag

If you are overweight , then you need to get down to a healthy weight because obesity increases insulin resistance and predisposes to fungal infections. the folds of the skin are moist, dark and lack air. This is an ideal place for yeast to grow out of control. All people have yeast on our skin and body, but it can get out of control. Take antibiotics only when absolutely necessary and increase your hygiene when you do, using the creams for prevention. Eat more yogurt and sauerkraut because fermented foods keep bacterial counts normal so fungus does not take over. If you get rid of bacteria by antibacterial hand washing and cleaning agents, fungus overgrows. Plain soap and water are sufficient. Avoid antibacterial anything. Use alcohol based hand washes when out.

Air those parts by exposing them to air as much as possible, Wear light under clothing that is absorbent and easily washed. Cotton panties are a must. snip the crotch out of panty hose if they are covered with nylon. if you stay inside the seams they will not run. Use a hair dryer on cool to the affected parts when at home. Use anti-fungal creams-can buy at the dollar store-and put on the areas twice daily. Then shake athlete's foot powder, antifungal powder or any absorbent powder on top. Dry your skin thoroughly after showering and if you sweat-use a clean dry hand towel to remove moisture. Wash towels daily in hot water, borax, and rinse in vinegar. Dry in the sun or dryer till bone dry. Do this daily and for 2 months after the rash clears to keep it from coming back. After that maintain very good hygiene and think dry, dry, dry. Avoid sugar, sugar drinks, cashews, sweets to keep a good weight and also because sugar in your blood cause yeast infections to occur in all susceptible places. After work or at home wear a light shift or loose cotton pants and a loose cotton top.
I use hand towels in the summer to dry off since regular towels take up so much space in the dryer and I like a clean towel for each shower. 5-6 hand towels equal one thick towel and can be laundered frequently. Thick towels add up and are not necessary. This works. Let me know how you are doing.

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By Betty 14 78 12/10/2012 Flag

One does not have to be overweight to have this problem, only large busted. I have found after my daily shower if I use Gold Bond Medicated Powder, it takes care of it. There is also a generic brand that works just as well! Also avoid as much sugar as you can, it feeds yeast!

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By maartist 1 01/23/2014 Flag

Until you get down to a reasonable weight try any of the following :
1. After a shower, dry off and put some anti-fungal cream in the folds of your skin where you are likely to get a yeast rash.
2. No time for a shower use baby wipes/wet wipes during the day to stay fresh and keep a yeast rash from getting worse.

3. Get empty squirt bottle and fill it with 1 part white vinegar 2 parts water and splash it on after you shower or anytime during the day that you feel sweaty. If it irritates your skin use less vinegar and more water (1:6 ratio) or use anti-fungal cream.

Incidentally keeping all these things, (anti-fungal creams, wet wipes and vinegar splash), nice and cold in the refrigerator will help stop the itchiness you get sometimes with a yeast rash, the same as a cold shower stops itchiness.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 463 2,121 10/08/2012 Flag

Perhaps contacting would help.

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I am looking for relief for a yeast/fungal rash under my breast and in the fold of my leg. Has anyone experienced this and what did you use to get rid of the rash?

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