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Has anyone had luck with space bags?

Ava from Annapolis, IL



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By Cyinda 214 1,287 10/26/2008

My mom uses them. I think if you're one of those super-organized people who switch their closet out from summer to winter, then they'll work great for you... They work wonders when it comes to storing fluffy coats & also for storing precious wedding garments where the air & humidity can ruin them.

But for me, I like to grab something at a moments notice, so I tend to keep my fluffy coats & summer clothes in plastic tote-bins under my bed. I've raised my bed up over a foot from the ground so I have lots of room to put these bins. But, I'm not the organized type that'll take the time to suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner... But if you are, I think you'll really like them for your winter wear or special "once-a-year" fancy dresses or suits.

* They now make zip-lock baggies with an air-lock & an air-sucking device. Also, on channel 9 I've seen that tip guy showing how to use a regular large plastic garbage bag with the vacume to do the very same thing!

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By Redbeard (Guest Post) 10/26/2008

When the bags work, they are great. It makes storage for our down filled comforter easy. This makes the large comforter fit in a small space for storage during the warm season and the comforter is easily "tossed" back into being fluffy. When the bags don't work they seem to leak down after a couple of days. I have not tried to use garbage bags and if they work it would be much cheaper (I like cheaper).

Good fortune either way, redbeard

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By G J Amber 1 35 10/27/2008

My opinion of space bags is that they were a good idea that didn't quite work. They tear easily and they get brittle and crack very quickly. The closures were flimsy and came off or broke very quickly.


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By Pat (Guest Post) 10/27/2008

I have only used them for one season and maybe I have been lucky but so far, I love them; so does my daughter. Of course, I have no experience in how long they will last but I can sure pack a bunch of stuff in them. I put them in a trunk for out-of-season storage.

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By Memoo040407 (Guest Post) 10/28/2008

HI I'm a new mom & I bought the "spacebags" to pack away my daughters clothing she's outgrown. Out of 3 bags(3L-1jumbo) only the jumbo has filled back up with air. I've used them before when I moved & I reused them 2-3 times, I loved them.

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By cindy 9 19 10/28/2008

I bought mine from a TV info commercial. Took the bags out & discarded most information, except instructions. I probably put those into one of the bags??? I don't recall the maker of bags. I do know they don't hold as much as advertised. Also, can't seem to get the bags flattened. I am not at all impressed with my purchase. Yet,they still help condense those bulky items, better than in a drawer space.

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By Tl from NJ (Guest Post) 11/07/2008

I was on a trip in Hawii and was having trouble fitting everything into my suitcase for my return, since I bought so much while there. So I took a chance and tried the spacebags from a local store. Well I was impressed as they did the job. They were helpful, but not as great as the commercials make them sound but they are a great help.

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By David (Guest Post) 01/19/2009

I'm not seeing the same problems you guys are having either. I've used them on two of my Army deployments and as long as you don't abuse them they work great. It makes packing 4 sets of ACUs and cold weather gear a snap in my bag. Take care of them and don't subject them to abuse and they will work great. I didn't like the ones you "had" to use a vacuum for but now they have ones you can roll the air out. They are hands down better than the old ones. A lot of people in my unit are using them to compress down their gear and keep it clean and dry.

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By Kathy Bursik 03/05/2009

I have purchased several space bags and none of them have worked. I put a bridal veil in one and it didn't even work with that. The air immediately starts to come out. I even tried to tape over the zipper, no luck.

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By diane dyer 5 3 04/14/2009

I have tried so hard to get these to work no luck I first bought on t.v. then cosco then walmart sounds great but no luck.

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By Cricket 205 896 05/13/2009

I am ashamed to say I have wasted a lot of money on Space Bags. I have put things in them, and sealed them up, being sure to follow the directions exactly, only to come back anywhere from an hour to a week later, and the air has gone right back into the bag and it's all puffed up again.

I have come up with another solution that works much better, although admittedly it's a lot more work.
I use a food storage vacuum sealer. For my large items like quilts, coats, etc I do some cutting and sealing to "create" bags that will work (I do wish they'd come up with very large bags for us!) But these have kept my items vacuum sealed for many months---over the entire "off season" when I have them packed away.

Granted this way initially costs more for the machine and I do go through a lot of rolls of bags, but I save in the end by not having to have as many plastic bins to put things in!

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By Ariel 2 08/07/2009

These don't work like they are supposed to. Even if you follow the directions to the letter. Such a money waster.

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By Joan 13 1,482 08/07/2009

I tried the space bags, and I'm not real impressed with them. For one thing I can't get as much into them as they show on TV. Another thing, they don't stay completely compressed, no matter how careful I am. I have never had one that got completely filled up with air, but the one that I am still using that is up on my closet shelf, isn't as skinny as it was when I put it up there and I haven't touched it for more than a year.

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By pam 02/12/2010

I have not had any luck with these things staying sealed. I have about 10 of them. They work for about 3 days, then give up. I have even gone so far as to seal the zipper closng with packaging tape. No luck.

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By Sally 05/14/2010

I bought several sets at the local Bed, Bath & Beyond. Followed the instructions to a T & NONE of them worked. They all re-filled with air. On some of the bags the plastic zipper slide even fell off. I have emailed the company to complain. What a waste of money! DO NOT BUY THEM!

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By SAT 2 75 06/24/2010

They do not work. They leak. They are flimsy. A waste of money. Most reviews on all the sites are overwhelmingly negative. They leak from a few minutes to weeks. Tear easily. Do not buy. Now I have a bunch of worthless expensive storage bags to deal with. I paid over $47.00 for my sets.

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By Carol 08/15/2010

The space bags were fantastic when they first came out. The plastic was much thicker and did not tear. Now they are made from a much cheaper plastic and tear very easily. I am so sad because when they first came out they were the very best thing out there to store and save space. A waste of money now.

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By crmorehead 11/04/2010

Space Bags are a waste of your money! I am a military spouse as well and trust me, we are the go-to authorities on packing stuff away. I bought 2 sets of Space Bags and filled them up with winter clothes and thick comforters and put them in our barn. (Our barn is very,very nice, complete with shingle roof and double paned windows). Two months later I go to the barn to retrieve a few hoodies for the kids since we are having a cold snap and guess what? I pick up a Space Bag and it rips! I pick up another Space Bag and it rips as well. Most of them did this. They were dry rotted after two months! Some of them had re-inflated! I had trouble initially and figured out that you cannot trust the zipper to actually zip it. You have to go back over & over & over the zipper (using your fingers) to be sure that it is completely sealed. (I thought these things were supposed to save us time & money)? But even after these extensive efforts, the damn things still re-inflated. The "Cube" re-inflated while in its bag and low and behold, ripped the bag itself. I hate to see what would have happened if our bags had actually gone through flood and dirt and a vehicle running over them! None of the Space Bags are worth my time or money!

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By SAT 2 75 01/20/2011

A complete waste of money. I bought them a few months ago. I am a super organized person and thought they would be terrific. I followed instructions to the letter. Bags ripped, and are very flimsy. They leak air from almost as soon as they are closed to a few months later. I wasted $63.00 on this garbage. Over 90 percent of people have had a negative experience with them.

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By TDLayne 1 03/24/2013

Buyer beware!

I can't say whether the bags are useful or not since I canceled my order. My caution to other readers is not about the product but the ordering process and customer service.

If you order from the website be very careful. Better yet, don't do it! I ordered one set. I entered my credit information. I chose regular shipping (which is slow - 3 weeks). I then was offered choice after choice for add-on offers. I clicked NO, and got another one, clicked NO, got another, and so on and so forth. That in itself was annoying.

I'm normally not a dumb consumer, but there was one add on offer for a larger set that wasn't offered on the main ordering page. Of course, I couldn't compare the price and shipping charges without placing it in my cart so I fell for the scam - stupid me! - and clicked the option to add it to my order. I figured it was pretty safe since at the bottom of each of the add-on offers, it clearly states you can remove any offer before processing your order.

Wrong! I got to the end of the add-ons and voila! My credit card was charged before I had any ability to review my order and remove items.

They also "upgraded" my shipping to priority 5 day shipping - for an additional $9.95- without my permission.

What should have cost me about $30 ended up costing me $86.00. I had to call my bank to cancel the charges after customer service "couldn't find my order" 45 minutes after I placed it.

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Archive: Space Bags Reviews

What about space bags? Are they reliable or are they a waste of money?

Barb from Fairview, MI

RE: Space Bags Reviews

My experience came up a waste. Mine was maybe 4 yrs ago. Maybe they have improved? edie Mine were "spacebags" too. (11/09/2006)

By edieparks

RE: Space Bags Reviews

The ones you vac. I got a mixed result. The ones you squeeze are a pain and the ziploc part seemed to bust as I was squeezing. Not worth the time or money. I like Ziplock XL and XXL bags better, they are strong and hold a lot, I just zip them mostly closed and have my daughter lay on it to get a good amount of air out, work great. (11/09/2006)


RE: Space Bags Reviews

I have used the XL and XXL Ziplock bags for things we may get into in the next couple months and they are great. I do use the space bags for long term storage, summer clothes being stored for the winter etc. I do not have alot of closet or drawer space so I change twice a year, summer and winter. I store the spacebags in a rubbermade tub stacked so I can easily get to them in my crawlspace and have not had any problems. (11/10/2006)

By Judy

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I have used the space bags for storing linens as well as clothes. I found that after three uses they started to fall apart; the plastic ripped and the plastic zipper broke. I won't be wasting any more of my money on them. I wonder if anyone has tried plain, plastic garbage bags and use your vacuum to get the air out and tie them closed? (11/10/2006)

By Persnickety Paula

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I was not crazy over them. They ripped and no matter what somehow some got air into. I just pack stuff into a garbage bag now I do not have a lot of space to store stuff, but to me they were not worth the bother. (11/10/2006)

By Mary Ann.

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I've had good to fair results with the kind that need a vacuum to take out air. The roll ones for travel are a total waste. They kept bursting open as I tried to squeeze out the air or else I could never extract enough air to make them really useful. (11/10/2006)

By Memere

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I don't understand the problems you all have had with spacebags. I've been using them for about 7-8 years now and I love them. I have limited storage space, so the spacebags are a wonderful solution. Two bags that I put extra blankets in over 2 years ago are still as flat as a pancake. I really don't know what I would do without them. (11/10/2006)

By hugmehugs

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I have used the bags for years to put away summer and winter clothes, and then stash them under the bed. They have worked well for me. I have in the past used a thick garbage bag and sucked out the air and quickly tied them off with a twist tie. But, I prefer the space bags. (11/11/2006)

By jwrh626

RE: Space Bags Reviews

When they work, the work fine, but my experience is that at least 50 % do not hold a vacuum. They were advertised as improved and we bought a few at BB&B. They failed at the same rate as the old ones. This is a great concept but unfortunately, for something so expensive, they are not reliable. (11/24/2006)

By rmhealy

RE: Space Bags Reviews

Not only do they not hold air, there is NO way a medium size bag can hold 8-10 sweaters as promised on the box! I struggle to get three in the stupid things and the bag doesnt get flatter at all. A complete WASTE of money. (06/09/2007)

By beatmusic

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I love the concept but will be returning the product to BB & B today. Only got one out of three to work. They suck! (08/11/2007)

By Chris C

RE: Space Bags Reviews

Have returned a total of 15 spacebags to the Shelf store for exchange and have had a total on 1 that held it's vacuum. The travel bags are a total waste. Keep popping open and I have to roll them on floor with knees pouncing just to try and get the air out. A total waste of time and false advertisement. No way you can get all the product the advertisements claim. Never shows you putting items in the bags just how much will drops out or vacuums down. (12/01/2007)

By g.Ryba

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I just placed an order online and used a coupon and all seemed well until I got a confirmation e-mail with the wrong price. I guess my coupon didn't work after all :( Another thing that irritated me off was they didn't let me know it would take 4 weeks for delivery, until my order was complete. This is a gift for my mother-in-law for Christmas and I guess it won't be here on time. LOL She was telling me she wanted to order these to make space in her closet so I was going to surprise her with them. Now I'm reading all these bad reviews and I'm thinking about canceling my order. To top it off none of the links work for customer service at spacebag.com. I'm getting bad vibes :( (12/06/2007)

By Lana

RE: Space Bags Reviews

They don't work! The air is coming right back in. I got them, but I might have just as well take 20 dollar bills and flush them down the toilet. (05/29/2008)

By Agnes

RE: Space Bags Reviews

They are not working for me. Once in a blue moon did I get one to work. The travel ones are a waste as well. I was better off using the xl ziplocks. They are a great idea if they would stay sealed. (07/19/2008)

By rz from NH

RE: Space Bags Reviews

I got the travel ones that you could vaccum or roll so that I could fit more clothes in my suitcase. I was able to double what I could fit in one and the vaccum workes a lot better than rolling, but I found taking the cap off and pushing air out of bag works well. They made packing a lot easier for me! (08/28/2008)

RE: Space Bags Reviews

We purchased 3 multi-packs at Bed Bath & Beyond last year to use for storing all of the winter bed lines. We also purchased the hanging bag several months later. The bags worked great, until I needed to remove the linens for winter use. As soon as I opened the bag, I could smell this horrible odor. Not only did I have to wash my clean winter linens, I soon found that every item in the rest of the bags also had this odor, and they too had to be washed. What we spent on buying the bags, we actually doubled in washing cost.

The hanging bag...what a joke! I put 2 suits inside, sealed the bag, sucked all the air out, and bam...all the air went rushing back in. I couldn't get the hanger part back on without all the air rushing back. And for hanging the bag...good luck. Couldn't get it to stay connected to save my own life. This things are a waste of time & money. I do not recommend anyone buying them. (10/03/2008)

By ScottishYankee

RE: Space Bags Reviews

They do not work I have bough quite a few all the different ones and with in two week the air is in and the bags are like before. I bought the square one and put it in a plastic box and it still went back to normal size. At first I thought it was me so I continued to buy, but not anymore Keep your money. The travel ones are a waste as well. They are a great idea if they would stay sealed. (10/25/2008)

By Cj

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