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Cleaning an Old Brass Plaque

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How do I clean an old brass plaque that displays the names of past church members? I have tried Brasso but it didn't do it. Does anyone have suggestions?

Flo from Lyman, NH



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By Holly [349]10/01/2008

Based on previous experience, this plaque may have been lacquered to keep it shiny. The lacquer has to be removed for it to be polished. Check a hidden test spot IF the polishing suggestions do not work. I do not know how to remove the lacquer.
I had to polish some old brass candle holders that were in a hotel. Some polished up nicely, others not at all, and then I discovered the part about the lacquer.

By Marg (Guest Post)10/01/2008

Try toothpaste on an old toothbrush. Rinse afterwards.

By nora (Guest Post)09/30/2008

I put ketchup on the brass. Let it stand for a while, then with a little elbow grease and a rag it with come clean. That is what i use. I found it on I had a beautiful angel knick-knack, but it looked so bad. I had put it up when I read this. I tried it and it worked. It does copper pan bottoms, too. A least it worked for me.

By Cyinda [214]09/29/2008

There's this guy on channel 9 that has tips. He suggests taking a lemon & cutting it in half then dipping the fresh cut lemon in salt & rubbing this salt covered lemon back & forth all over your piece, You may have to re-dip the lemon in more salt) then when it looks clean & the tarnish is gone, rinse it THOROUGHLY. It's also supposed to work for copper.

* Those jewelry cloths also work well.

By laurie [3]09/29/2008

My son uses a jewelery cleaning cloth that can be purchased at places that sell fine jewelery. If the right cloth is purchased, it should have a reddish cloth attatched to it. I think this is called a rouge cloth. When you go over the brass with this cloth you will see the cloth get black. Another cloth usually a soft cotton should be attatched to this also to wipe your item off with. It really takes tarnish off, but as with all brass will begin to tarnish again... good luck.

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