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I have a 3 year old Chihuahua mix. We got her via a couple who found her in a orchard where we assume she had been dumped. She is a wonderful dog with a huge heart and tons of love to give.

My question is - are there any natural cures for bad breath? I had her fixed and got her shots within days of getting her. My vet has told me that her teeth are in good shape. She has the stinky breath. I used human tooth paste and it worked, but I then found out that this was poison to her. Thanks for your help.

By Virginia G. from Porterville, CA


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By Sherri 10 552 10/27/2010

Maybe she needs a dental? This can be a cause of bad breath, please ask your veterinarian.

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By Beth 25 1,120 10/27/2010

Marrow Bones. Dogs love them and chewing on them keeps their teeth cleaner than you can. Cleaner teeth means better breath. But only give your dog the large marrow bones. Never give your dog bones from poultry or pork or any small beef bone.

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By JB 34 11/30/2010

I would recommend The Pet Beverage! You just add a little to your pets food or water everyday and after a couple of week, their bad breath and body odor is gone. I have been giving it to my dogs for a couple of years and it really dogs help. They are bigger than yours so the product will probably last longer for you! This product is also natural!

Good Luck!

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By VitaHound 3 12/31/2010

Our research at VitaHound has discovered all natural substance that act as dog bad breath remedies. Bad breath in dogs can be eliminated by utilizing products that contain these ingredients in their formulations: Grape Seed Extract, Neem Oil, Thyme Oil (Thymus Vulgaris) (Labiatae), Rosemary Oil, Pepperimint Oil. The first 3 compounds act as anti bacterial treatments the last 2 freshen a dog's breath. Cleaning a dog's teeth removes the plague that is the cause of the foul odor.

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By VitaHound 3 01/02/2011

VitaHound's research reports that natural compounds are highly effective for cleaning dog teeth. Advanced formulations utilize grap seed extract (GSE) and neem, these are the 2 most common ingredients in premium products designed to be bad dog breath remedies. The best approach to canine oral care is to apply products that kill off harmful bacteria without affecting the healthy bacteria found in the oral flora of dogs. Regular use of these products allows the beneficial bacteria to crowd out the damaging bacteria that is the source of plague on a dog's teeth and gums.

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By KathyBennitt 1 06/11/2011

I finally discovered a remedy for bad breath in dogs, and the source was the guys at VitaHound. I notice their post and advice on substances that are effective at treating a dog's oral health. A few months ago I Googled cleaning dog teeth and their site appeared at the top, a quick review of their online library at VitaHound.com was easy and I found info on the causes and remedies for treating a dog's bad breath. Their organization sells Petzlife oral care sprays and gels and their research reported their ingredients really work. Our family's dog Duke is now plaque and tarter free, further more his dog breath is permanently gone.

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By SandraT 1 09/03/2011

Ive been desperately scouring the web for dog bad breath remedies. I recently viewed a segment on the Dr Oz show with the experts from VitaHound. I was unaware of the health ramifications a dog's poor oral health has on their physical condition. Our family has owned dogs for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been aware of these concerns, nevertheless I'm willing to clean our dog's teeth I just want to be doing it right.

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Archive: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

I have two dogs. When the older dog does his business outside the younger dog licks up the pee. Consequently the younger dog has horrible breath. They use a doggy door during the day when I am not home, so there is no way to let them out separately. Is there a way to stop this behavior or is there anything I can put in the water/food so that his breath is not so foul?

Sandy from Utah

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

I found a tip on a site for Hydrogen Peroxide recently and have been using it for my dogs. It seems to be helping. I think it is good for their overall health, too. Here it is:

For small animals (dogs and cats) use 1 ounce 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 quart water for their drinking water and bath.

Hope this helps you! (11/16/2004)

By glomax56

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Are you absolutely certain that the bad smell on your dog's breath is due to his/her habits? This may be a perfectly natural dog behavior entirely unrelated to the 'dog breath'. Most dog breath is related to tartar build up on the teeth. My dogs can eat a fishy leftover treat, but a few minutes later their breath is 'normal'. A large meaty bone every other day will clean their teeth and control odors, regardless of their unsavory canine habits!

Regards, Jo. (11/16/2004)

By Jo Bodey

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

We give our dog those Listerine tabs. They dissolve quickly and she likes the taste. It certainly helps her bad breath! (11/16/2004)

By Teresa Shearer

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Bad breath is often times a symptom of health problems. I would take the dog to the Vet. (11/16/2004)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Hartz sells "breath strips for dogs". They are just like the Listerine pocket packs, but these are for doggies and they work too:) (11/16/2004)

By LanieShell

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

I have a Pomeranian whose breath is horrible. It is due to the fact that her jaw teeth don't get the cleaning they should from her dry food and treats. We bought a doggy toothbrush and paste, found in the pet section in almost any department store. We brush them every night and after about two weeks noticed a significant difference. I also heard on Animal Planet about a mouthwash made from Tea Tree Oil. I missed the amounts of oil and water to be mixed. If anyone knows this formula, please post it. (01/15/2005)

By Corialote

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. You just add it to their drinking water! It is doggy mouthwash developed from their people mouthwash. It will help keep tartar and plaque off their teeth, and clean off the tartar and plaque they do have. http://www.oxyfreshww.com/cjm (02/27/2006)

By cj1617

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Do not use peroxide for bad breath, that is a remedy to make a dog vomit after accidental poisoning! Do not give your dog peroxide for bad breath, it's very dangerous! (03/07/2006)

By Shanon

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Do not use any mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide for your animals! Hydrogen peroxide is used for intestinal problems and will make your dog vomit to get rid of whatever is wrong in the intestinal tract. It is an "at home remedy", but you should immediately contact your nearest vet office for help.

Using hydrogen peroxide for bad breath is NOT the answer. It could cause serious problems for your animal. Use a dog Listerine first to see if that helps, and if it doesn't you might want to schedule an appointment with your vet to consider a tooth extraction and/or tooth cleaning. (08/06/2007)

By Pamela Jefferson.

Archive: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

I have a 5 month old Pitbull and I was wondering if I could give her Listerine Pocketpack sheets for bad breath? And if so how many?

By Sadie's owner from New Orleans, LA

RE: Cure For Bad Dog Breath

Allowing them to chew on a rope toy is good for them, because it flosses their teeth while they chew. That might help reduce the tartar build-up that could be causing the bad breath. Our dog will chew those toys to the point where he starts to ingest the strings of the rope toy, so we watch it closely and only allow him to chew them while we're supervising him, and we take the toy away when he starts to "eat" rather than "chew". (09/10/2009)

By tsiegl

RE: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

You can swipe the interior of your pet's mouth with human mouthwash, but do not let them swallow any of it as some of human mouthwashes are very bad for dogs.

I bought a tube of doggie toothpaste and brush their teeth with a toothbrush. I got them used to the brush in their mouth when they were small and let them chew on it for a few minutes a couple times a day while I held it. Throw the brush out and get a new one as soon as you see the bristles or plastic getting gnawed too much. You can buy a package of cheap brushes at Family Dollar. Pet stores also sell products for doggie bad breath. (09/11/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

I would call the vet and ask if they have any chlorophyll pills. I might have spelled that wrong. This is a supplement that is supposed to cure bad breath. Go to earthclinic.com and look at the pets section. Ask the vet if chlorophyll pills are safe for animals, or you can look it up on the computer. It could be a medical problem or that he needs his teeth cleaned. You can buy dog toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs at Petsmart. (09/11/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

No.Take the dog to the vet to find out wha's wrong. It's usually a medical/dental problem causing it. (09/13/2009)

By ahastings7878

RE: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

At 5 months old, she is probably losing her baby teeth and growing her permanent teeth. That is probably causing the bad breath. Please don't give her any kind of breath products meant for humans. Your vet can tell you what is causing the bad breath and make recommendations. (09/15/2009)

By sameoleme

Archive: Cure for Bad Dog Breath

I have a need to understand about a dog's bad breath. I have a 9 month old Chihuahua. Her breath is very smelly. Not in a good way, for a young dog.


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