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Dress Made of Crown Royal Bags

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I am looking for instructions on how to make a Dress out of Crown Royal bags? I saw a girl with one at a Halloween party! She said it was a toga but it looked like a dress.




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By DeltaDawn09/20/2011

OMG! I totally love this dress! Do you have a pattern to share or can you point me in the right direction? I would totally love to make this for Mardi Gras,

By iris09/07/2010

Did you ever get the pattern you wanted for the crown royal dress ? if you didn't let me know. iris

RE: Dress Made of Crown Royal Bags

By Kathy (Guest Post)01/31/2009

I would begin by sewing all the Fabric together as much as the width's you need. And then add pieces as follows. Just position the design in the directions you'll be using for whatever part of the dress you'll be designing. Good Luck, Kathy~ Lake County, FL. You just need enough to cover your bodice areas. Arms waist and so forth.

By suzanne [241]10/29/2007

how different and very cute

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