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Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

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How do I remove a label from a plastic bottle, without damaging the label?

By dryheatpete from Golden Valley, AZ


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By Joyce Wenner01/11/2010

Fill inside plastic bottle with really hot water and let sit for a few minutes. The glue will loosen and the label can be peeled off effortlessly. If really tough- retry and let sit a little longer. I use this method all the time and 99% of labels will come off with little effort.

By Ann Winberg [282]01/11/2010

Use your hairdryer, it will soften the glue without hurting the label. Just start lifting from one corner slowly as the glue melts.

By Clynn Altemus [21]01/11/2010

Soaking a label with white vinegar usually will loosen the glue.

By Miriam01/06/2010

Have you tried steam?


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Archive: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove a label from a hot sauce bottle? The only problem is I do not want to ruin the label. I want to scan the label to use as wedding favors.

Mia from Corona, CA

RE: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

I have good luck removing labels with heat from my blow dryer. This may not work if it is water soluble glue, in which case, I think maybe water spritzed on very sparingly would work. (02/28/2006)

By Pat

RE: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

Empty the contents inside, and add hot water, letting it sit. Work at the label slowly, and when the water starts to cool, add more hot. (02/28/2006)

By Kim

RE: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

Back when I used to refund, I would cover the label with scotch tape, then soak the label off. The label sticks to the tape and you just lift it off. These days I would probably try the clear packaging tape to do this. (03/01/2006)

By mjm

RE: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

Have you looked online to see if the company has a graphic of the label on their website that you could copy? (03/01/2006)

By marinewife5

RE: Removing Labels Without Damaging the Label

Hold the label's edge over a steaming kettle to loosen the paste that holds it on and slowly remove the label. This also works well for removing stamps from envelopes if you collect them. (03/01/2006)

By Karl

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