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Envirotex Countertops and Food Safety


I have a question about Envirotex and food safety: I've been lurking on this site for several weeks now, interested in going the Envirotex way for my kitchen counters. Yesterday I finally did it. I ran into a few glitches, fixable ones I hope, but my question isn't about that. It's something I didn't think of until after-the-fact.

How safe is the Envirotex surface? Is it as hygienic as laminate? Will it absorb contaminants? My husband and kids are bad about laying their food directly on the counter tops. Should I be concerned about chemicals leaching into their food? Also, now that I've taken the plunge, what do I clean it with?


By Mrs. V from Ohio


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05/18/2009 Flag

Envirotex is manufactured by Environmental Technology Inc. Here is a link to their home page. If you can't find the info. you are looking for at the site, there is a link where you can contact them.

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By Carol Verhoff 2 19 05/18/2009 Flag

Thanks for looking that up for me, Amuck.

I went to the site you provided and found their customer service number. I talked to Hilary at ETI and she said the Envirotex Lite has a similar bacteria resistance and food safety as laminate, but if it's scratched, then bacteria might become an issue. Knives will indeed cut into it, so always use a cutting board and don't set hot things on it.

It should be cleaned with regular soap and water. I asked her about anti-bacterial sprays such as Lysol. She said used once in a while is okay, but try to use them very sparingly.

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