Removing Dried Urine from Flooring


How do I get “crusted” urine off linoleum? I have been wiping it up every day or it seems that way. But there is a build up on my floor and on the front top of the toilet rim. Granted I don't have to look at it when I pee, but it's gross and I want it off.

By Raven from Sussex, WI


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By jean leiner 15 395 12/22/2010

Soak a rag or paper towel in white vinegar, and let sit on the crusted areas over night if possible. Re-wet if necessary. Then scrub well. Repeat if needed. This removes hard water mineral encrustations in my bathroom, and the crusted urine is largely uric acid crystals. Hope this helps.

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By Deborah 9 30 12/22/2010

Hi there. A 5 gallon pail made with 2 cups vinegar (any kind will work, but the white kind leaves less of a vinegar smell) to 3 or 4 gallons of water will give you a cleaning agent 2nd to none. I have always used pine-sol for cleaning, but it doesn't do justice to the crusty urine stains. The vinegar and water, left on the spot for about 10 minutes will help your mop suck it right up and rinse away in the tub. Then, of course, clean the tub!

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By E.A. Havens 6 12/22/2010

If the other suggestions don't get it of completely, I might try to use a Magic Eraser. I buy the store brand, which work just as well as the major brand. I cut them down to smaller pieces, and throw them away after really gross jobs, but they are also really good for getting tea stains out of mugs and the like. Good luck!

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I am being funny and serious at the same time. Can you, and others, practice better aim so you don't have to worry about this problem in the first place? After successfully continuing to aim well you'll only have to do routine floor and toilet cleaning. If you don't want to have a light on if it's dark in the room or if you're really tired/sleepy/in a lazy mood perhaps you can sit on the seat and aim Mr. Winkie down? Beyond that you'll be slaved to clean daily with a vinegar and water solution.

P.S. Don't forget to lift the toilet seat up too or your lady family and friends will not be happy campers should you forget to clean it up. ;-)

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