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Removing Dried Wax From Couch

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How do I remove dried on candle wax from a couch that is washable with soap and water?

By MaryJane from Beacon, NY


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I too have used the paperbag approach and even on carpet and clothing. It works great! If you use paper towels use at least a three layer so the fabric doesn't melt from the heat if it's synthetic. Always make sure to use a gentle touch no matter what the fabric and make sure the paper of choice is large enough so the iron will not accidently touch the non-paper protected portion of the fabric while moving the iron back and forth. One other thing. One time I used a grocery store brand bag and the ink from the store name transfered to the fabric so, just to be on the safe side, cut away print portions of the bag. ;-)

By susan [33]02/23/2011

Fire and ice! First take ice cubes to the wax and remove as much as you can this way. If you can take an iron to the fabric, you can iron it using paper towel or paper bags to absorb the wax. Keep doing this until all the paper comes up clean.

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By Elaine [129]02/23/2011

I have used the paper bag method with excellent results. I once had one of those gigantic red candles spill all over my carpet and I scraped up all I could get with a knife and then used the iron and bags to get the rest up.


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Question: Removing Candle Wax from a Couch

How do you get candle wax off a couch?

By Rex from Lovington, NM

Most Recent Answer

By joanfry [23]08/29/2011

I use a warm iron and absorbent paper. Brown wrapping paper is best, paper towels ok. Cover the wax with paper and keep ironing over the spot until it has all been absorbed into paper. Keep moving paper. You will see the paper become damp.
Problem is when the candle was a strong color like red, but this system can work for this too if not set too solid.
This system works on every surface. Believe me after my family leaves at Xmas I spend quite awhile going around with an iron - thinking uncharitable thoughts.


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Archive: Removing Dried Wax From Couch

How do you get dried wax off a couch?

Sally from Olathe, KS

RE: Removing Dried Wax From Couch

First try, freezing the wax with ice cubes...then scrape off. Then take paper towels and iron over spot...should melt and absorb more wax.

Then go to your local grocer store, laundry isle, look for little yellow bottles, product is call Carbona and has cures for several kinds of stains...look for wax or crayon remover

You might want to skip the first 2 and just use this stuff. worked great on my formal dinning table cloth that had lots of candle wax on it. (04/25/2008)

By anbsmommy

RE: Removing Dried Wax From Couch

Place a brown paper bag over the wax and iron it using the lightest temperature setting on the iron, and slowly making it warmer until you see that the wax is being absorbed into the paper. (04/25/2008)

By ElleM

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