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Puppy in Heat Started to Pee in House


I have an 8 month old, female Lab puppy who has just came into heat. Since then she just seems to be peeing in the house all the time. I am wondering if this has got anything to do with it? I am stressing out, because it just feels like we have gone right back to the beginning. Could you please help. I don't know what else to do. Thanks.

By jacquixlx from Glasgow


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By Myrna 16 1,082 06/28/2009 Flag

You can purchase a velcro tab cloth panty for females in heat. Insert a pad cut in half and attach to inside liner. It worked well for my female. You can fold and pin a hand towel around your female as a diaper temporarily until you get something to cover her sufficiently. Also, disposablel baby diapers are said to work well and people cut a hole for tail to go through. Continue to take your dog outdoors for potty breaks and put a pee pad on floor if pup was once trained to use them.

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By Lisa 2 656 06/28/2009 Flag

You should probably visit with the vet. I've never had a female pet go into heat (all our pets have been fixed as early as possible). Maybe it has to do with heat, but maybe there is some other medical or behavioral problem. And, while you're there, you can schedule an appointment to have her fixed. :-) It'll be better for her health in the long-run (and isn't that what is most important?).

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By Clinton Nichols 17 06/28/2009 Flag

Our mini dachshund did that too, and the vet said it can happen when dogs get "hormonal." That is consistent with your observation, so I suspect it is possible that there would be a connection between coming into heat and a change in urination habits. The vet prescribed some inexpensive medication that our dog was on for a couple of weeks, then the peeing problem went away and we took the dog off the medication.

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By Michelle Belt 1 4 06/28/2009 Flag

I don't remember mine doing that. I have a male and female Lab and neither did this, So I am not sure why she is doing it. The diapers are a good idea I use them for the puppies and it is wonderful. All the puppies have good homes.

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By Mary Ross 5 30 06/30/2009 Flag

Have the vet give her a check up. Sometimes this is normal, but sometimes it is caused by other things and the timing can be coincidence, or influenced by the hormonal changes.

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By CYNTHIA HELMICK 7 07/01/2009 Flag

Dogs and cats can be sterilized after their last set of immunization shots regardless of age, if that's what you choose to do, it is healthier for her and she will live longer. If this is her first "heat/season" she's hasn't exactly figured out whats going on in her yet, and (sorry to put it so frankly) she might be mad at you (being the alpha). If the urine is controllable meaning she squatts then you must have the utmost patience. She's scared confused and doesn't get whats going on yet and there might also be something she's seriously not into outside maybe even afraid of.

I would give her love when I walk in the door, try to keep to a timed schedule for her routine, talk to her all the time as I'm cleaning up her mess and never ever use bad dog, bad girl maybe, check the neighbors for other dogs or pets then start all over again (should be easier this time) maybe even get a doggy door, remember what they say about pms it can be a b&^%$! One thing to remember about training animals is the 3 second rule, after 3 seconds they totally forget what they've done, you got to catch them in the act and not totally freak out on them.

Animals pick up scents differently then people, so always show them what the did wrong or the damage they've done just don't rub their noses in it. Never ever forget to forgive and love them. Its doesn't make you a sucker. If its the later "uncontrollable urination" then you most definitely have a problem and a vet/hospital visit is in order and fast if you plan on breeding. Remember some pets are like unto others as you would have unto you. Hope this helps.

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By Renee Preston 3 07/03/2009 Flag

Have the vet check her for a UTI.

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By Marlen Smith 5 07/22/2009 Flag

When in heat some females urinate more frequently. It's normal but you should check with your vet to be sure.

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