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Plunger Marks in Toilet

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How can I remove black rubber marks left from using an old plunger in my toilet bowl. I've tried Comet, Goof-Off, Bar Keepers Friend, etc. with no luck. Thanks for any help.

Shaun from Lees Summit, MO



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By (Guest Post)02/17/2009

I use "the works" toilet bowl cleaner. It works the best give it a try.

By travis in ohio (Guest Post)02/17/2009

The best thing I have ever used to clean the bowl is a effervesent tablet. They are used to clean dentures, which are porcelain and do a great job on the bowl. Just drop it in and let it soak awhile. Brush some of the foaming soap over the marks and wait. Good luck

By LEONA LABINE [40]02/17/2009

Try using SOS soap pads, I use them on everything

By Pam [1]02/17/2009

You can get a pumice stone in the comet, bar keepers isle in the grocery store. Drain the water from the toilet bowl, wet the stone an rub the stone on the stain. It comes right off. Works on many things in and around the house!

By rae (Guest Post)02/16/2009

Try a pumice stone.

By Cheryl [1]02/16/2009

Try using two tablets of alka seltzer in the toliet, and let them sit for 20 minutes. That might help. Good luck.

By OliveOyl02/16/2009

I would like to know the solution because I have the same problem. I've tried almost everything but these black rubber marks remain.

By Cheryl (Guest Post)02/16/2009

Try dropping two regular alka seltzer tablets in the toliet, let it sit for 20 minutes, then use the brush. Good luck

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