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Craft Ideas for Instant Tea Jars

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I have about 10 Nestea jars with lids. I would like to know if anybody has any craft ideas for these?

By Tena from Champaign, IL


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By Tena [4]12/11/2010

Thanks everyone for your ideas I am definitely gonna do a few of the ideas that have been posted. Thanks so much!

By Teresa Tart [1]12/11/2010

You can use one or two for change jars. We all have change jars sitting in our bedrooms and we put our loose change in it. You could put one where you do your laundry and put all change you find in it. Donate them to daycares also would be helpful. Children could make fish jars with them instead of fish bowls.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]12/08/2010

Google soup mixes in jars and make them for gifts. they are pretty much perfect. Cut some flat lace or fabric twice as big around as the lid and gather it on the sides with a ribbon and you have a great country gift. Include directions on the tag and your are set.

RE: Craft Ideas for Instant Tea Jars


If they are glass you could make snow globes with them.

By Eileen M. [56]12/08/2010

You can do homemade "Find it" jars, put unpopped popcorn, or rice in the jar, about 2/3 full, then add little items for the kids to find, hair clips, pennies, plastic animals, marbles, nuts in shell, bolts, etc. Finish filling the jar to about 4/5 full, screw the cap on tight and shake it up. If you want to make a list of the items in the jar, the kids can check them off as they find them.

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