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I needed a puzzle table that had wheels on it. I found one for $2.50 but it was longer than it was wide.

I got a poster sized photo of a gorgeous meadow, and it was covered in plexiglass and fiberboard. I took off the frame, put the photo on my wall, and used the rest to extend the table. By using large binder clips, I was able to extend the table by clipping it to one long and one short sides. It's portable, movable, and two people can work on it.

I hope you can use this tip!

By Poor But Proud from Sweet Home, OR


By Judy = Oklahoma 60 750 10/14/2010 Flag

I love this idea! I don't do puzzles anymore because there's just no room to store them while I work on them. I could do that to one of my 'tv trays' & when I'm not using it, I could take the top off & slip it onto some books on my book shelf to get it out of the way so my hubby & kids don't knock it over! Thanks!

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By Gail Ledwith 1 63 10/15/2010 Flag

Awhile ago I also took a picture off a frame, took tape and added more cardboard. My portable puzzle works just fine especially when my 3 year old twin grandkids visit (puzzle goes under the couch then) or just needing table space when company arrives. Your puzzle looks interesting. I always have one looking at me in my living room (not a good thing when I should be doing housework).

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