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Removing Sap from Windows

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Our office windows are covered in small tar or tree sap spots. The spots are all over the windows along the side the parking lot. How can I remove them without spending hours with a razer?



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By Jon D.07/27/2015

Okay tried the rubbing alcohol and it works just fine! Got if off the front windshield of my motor-home!

By Luke (Guest Post)06/19/2008

Rubbing Alcohol works great

By Happy again (Guest Post)07/09/2007

I just tried using straight rubbing alcohol. It worked GREAT!

By Alan (Guest Post)06/02/2007

I just used Spic & Span's Cinch Spray cleaner. I always use it to clean up the dinner table and it cleans the greasiest messes. It seems to be based on rubbing alcohol rather than amonia, and I love it, and the smell. I had pine sap on the car, Orange clean did not work. So I tried te Cinch to remove the sap, and it was amazing! It disolved it all instantly, even the big gooey drops (I didnt even use a razor blade). After, I tried it on the paint too - it cleaned it instantly, evaporated instantly, and did not harm the paint at all.

By Amanda (Guest Post)09/27/2006

I just bought a new car and i parked it under my tree at home. Well when i woke up the next day i realized that sap had dripped all over the windows, so i used a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball, and wiped it really softly and it came right off. Just be sure not to get any nail polish remover on your paint cause it will eat the paint. WORKS GREAT!

By Barbara (Guest Post)01/04/2006

I use straight rubbing alcohol on sap that comes from Cedar trees on my wood floor and on my car windows.

By Michele (Guest Post)11/23/2005

Tonite I had gunk on my window which had sap like consistency. After I scraped it off with a razor blade I cleaned it with nail polisher remover - worked great!

By Peaches (Guest Post)08/19/2005

purchase some Kerosene from your hardware store,or a tar remover from your automotive store.both works beautiful

By Wendy (Guest Post)08/13/2005

I read somewhere that toothpaste works on hands. Maybe it would work on windows too.

By dsennis5215 [2]08/11/2005

the petroleum idea is correct. however, the purest form works best, i.e. gasoline. sure it smells horrible, and i would wear gloves, but, it never fails to remove tar from my car. if you're not thrilled about this option, try WD-40 first. it should have the same effect but will require a little more elbow grease.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]08/10/2005

I'm looking for any tips on removing tree sap from windows. Window cleaners don't work. Thanks!


By (Guest Post)06/10/2005

I used an ice cube and a paper towel.... it freezes the sap and the edge of the cube makes a nice 'scraper'... Use a clean piece of the paper towel to lift off the frozen sap pieces and continue until all sap has been removed.

By linda (Guest Post)05/05/2004

use a petroleum based product, like goo-gone or oops, both available in mass merchadisers to take off sticky stuff. A single edge razor blade will take off most of the goo, then finish with product of choice. Hairspray, nail polish remove, paint thinner or acetone should work , too.

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