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Can Scraping Ice on a Windshield Do Damage?


Will scraping ice off a windshield harm it in any way?

By Billy from KY


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By mcw 80 1,753 06/28/2010


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By Deanj 917 06/28/2010

Using a plastic scrapershould do no harm to the windshield. If you have to park your car out in inclement weather you could cut some carboard to fit over the windshied. The wiper arms, in the upright position, will hold the cardboard in place.

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By Noella 11 381 06/30/2010

People have been doing it for around 100 years and I've not heard of any windshields breaking. What you don't want to do is pour boiling hot water on a frozen windsheld.

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By Beth 25 1,120 06/30/2010

In the north we scrape frost or ice almost daily!

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By susan 33 441 06/30/2010

After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing I decided to reply: If scraping ice did damage I would be wealthy from replacing windshields! No if you use a regular ice scraper it will not damage your car.

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 06/30/2010

Now this was not a stupid question. Yes, depending on what you use to scrape your windows clean. It used to be that you grabbed the metal spatula (pan cake turner to some people) to scrape the windows. Our 2nd hand car apparently had some sort of scraper like that used on it. There are scratches the body shop said was from window scraping. It is obvious from the motion/direction of the scrapes. My preference for window scraper is a round one or by taking an old expired credit card, scrape off the numbers on it and and use it for a flat surface scraper. Since we can get up to 6 inches of ice stuck on at a time (apparently yoder178 lives in sunny CA) and you get creative when trying to get into at least one door and clear a portion of the windshield-back window, scratching is very possible.
After one ice storm early Nov, I had just the very rear door that got opened, had to climb across 2 sets of seats to the front and start it, the heater, defrosters and run it for a couple hours to get thawed out enough to use the car.
So those that are laughing at this question, hope you did not pee your pants. Now that would be funny.

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I applaud T&T Grandma for her sensitivity! And I'll add, for those of you who found this question so funny, that you can also scratch a windshield that has a lot of dust and/or sand on it if you don't rinse with window wiper fluid before running the wiper blades!

Billy, just turn on your car heater so your car will get warm before/while you're scraping with a plastic windshield scraper and the warmth from the car warming up helps to make the job easier too. I turn the radio on and up a bit to make the chore fun. ;-)

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