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Any tips to help learn to eat with dentures and talk with them?

Tina from Florida



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By Mindy (Guest Post) 07/24/2008

I am 32 years old and have had my upper denture for 3 years. It took me a good 6 months to talk again and to eat the way I used to. Since I still have my bottom teeth, if I eat something that I have a hard time biting into I use my bottoms to bite into the food first. Word to the wise, watch what gum you chew! Some stick all over your teeth! Believe me in time you will do everything the way you used to do it.

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By Terri 7 84 07/24/2008

Keep them in as long as you can. Take small bites. Chew Freedent gum. You may have to break the stick of gum in thirds or halves. Sing and talk in front of a mirror. Of course, follow any advise your dentist may have given you. My dentist gave me a powdered adhesive to help until I got my "choppers" under control. Good luck.

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By Pat Giles 07/25/2008

I have had a lower partial for almost 45 years and a full upper denture for about 20 years, and have never had any trouble talking or eating with either of them. Chewing gum is another matter, tho - I just don't chew gum! The secret, I think, is getting a good fit when they're made - my dentists put them in immediately after removing the teeth, and then lined them as my gums shrank. I do use a tiny bit of Fixodent in my upper, but nothing in the lower partial (and I'm down to just 4 teeth on the bottom now), Bottom line: get a good dentist! Good luck and God bless you.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 07/25/2008

It took me about 6 weeks after I got my dentures that I realized they no longer felt like I had eggshells in my mouth. This happened cause one of my children ended up in the hospital and the distraction made me forget about the teeth. I was lucky with my teeth. A week after I got them the dentist had me scheduled to come back to check for red areas on my gums, to see where the teeth were rubbing. I had two spots, he adjusted the dental plate.

I have had no trouble since then, I can eat anything, raw apples, carrots, corn on the cob, etc. I have not seen the dentist since that last time. I do not use denture adhesive and I have had my teeth over 30 years. If I get a cut inside my mouth from eating popcorn or chips, I use a numbing adhesive (Benzodent) for a couple days, so can wear teeth without any soreness. I have been very lucky and I hope you are too.

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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 07/25/2008

Eating with dentures can be a choking hazard (even according to the Red Cross web site!). So I don't eat around other people since I got dentures; it's worth a little inconvenience to avoid choking.

As for talking, just practice, practice, practice! In fact, I found it easier to talk while wearing my dentures...what threw me was re-learning to talk without them (at night, etc.). Now I can do both with equal ease.

BTW, I don't use PolyGrip or anything. I line my dentures with DentuRite. Works great, and isn't nearly as drying as regular adhesives.

Good luck!

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By Barbara Snyder (Guest Post) 07/26/2008

How do not gag with those things please I can't stand them I gag even thinking of them and I need to wear maybe just the tops to look good when I go back to looking for work in September. Trust me they are cut down enough I just can't stand them please help

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,068 07/26/2008

My dentist put them in the same day so get a good dentist or denturist who knows what they are doing. Don't keep them out for days at a time, or your gums will heal in a way that won't fit your dentures. Fixodent is great, and I even put some along the roof of mine (mine was the addition of teeth on a pre-existing upper partial), and they stay in for about 3 days. Then, I soak them overnight so they will clean and my mouth can get some air. If you can afford them, CBOND is great. Keeping them secure and in place will help you eat and talk just fine. If they don't fit, go back and make it so they do. You paid enough for them, make them right!

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 07/27/2008

Sorry you have to go through this. You can do it, you will come out the other side a success. Practice the sounds 55, 33 and 66. Keep going back to your dentist for adjustments, ten times if necessary. You need to be able to wrap your lips around them without ever getting a sore.
I am a dental hygienist and was a longtime assistant to a doc who made dentures. Twice we failed, and one was someone who could not stop gagging. He went for hypnosis and had to face an unpleasant suppressed memory to get it stopped. The other was someone whose jaw did not hold the plate, so it fell off when he opened his mouth. Implants helped him. If worst comes to worst, you can get the denture anchored with implants, and they make mini ones that are far cheaper. My patients who have implants say that they are awesome, they really rave about how great they feel and chew. Implants are not for smokers because they don't anchor well. God bless you. Dentures are famous for making strong men cry.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 08/02/2008

I worked in Dental field for over 17 years. The best
advice I would give our patients is to sit and read
a book or newspaper out loud. If you find that they
are not comfy then let the dentist know sometimes a minor
adjustment will help.Good luck.

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By kellynes1 06/13/2013

Thank god there's people out there who can give advice I'm 32 and have just had partial upper dentures fitted. I am feeling pretty low in confidence because of them, but reading these comments have given me hope I'll get used to them and one day not feel so conscious. Many thanks xxx

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By jesseruiters 06/28/2015

Reading this information was so informative. I have 11 false teeth on top. Have the set for about 2 months. Still not used to it. In the beginning felt like my front lip was way to pushed up. Just felt like too much. I'm learning how to position my jaws still so that my top teeth can be inline with the bottom ones. I guess it just takes time man. I've definitely made progress in eating. I will never take out my dentures for anyone. My significant other will probably find out I have " falsies " the day I'm in my coffin. I will continue to try my best to get used to them. Thank you guys.

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