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Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

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Terra Cotta Lighthouse

An inexpensive craft project made with clay pots is a lighthouse for a garden decoration. This is a guide about making a terra cotta lighthouse.


Video: Clay Pot Lighthouse

Make a cute terra cotta pot lighthouse for you garden. Check out this video and learn how easy they are to make!

Solutions: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

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Tip: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Terra Cotta LighthouseThis terracotta lighthouse is just 2 large plant pots cemented together and painted, with a lantern on top.

By patanthar

Clay Pot Lighthouse

clay pot lighthouse in garden

I found the perfect lantern at Ikea to use for this clay pot lighthouse. These cute yard decorations are easy to make!


  • candle lantern
  • clay pots (various sizes that stack)
  • primer spray paint
  • outdoor craft paint (I used Patio Paint brand)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • E6000 glue (or similar)


  1. Spray the clay pots with multiple layers of primer. Add layers and allow to dry according to primer instructions. Spray them in a well ventilated area.
  2. primed pots 1primed pots 3primed pots 4
  3. Stack the pots and use a pencil to mark where they overlap. Now you have the area that will show when they are stacked.
  4. mark overlap 1mark overlap 2
  5. Divide the exposed area into equal sections for the painted stripes. I chose to have 2 red stripes and 2 white stripes. Use a ruler to make marks all the way around the pot, then connect the marks so that you have a guide line for painting.
  6. mark stripes 1mark stripes 2stripes marked on pots
  7. Paint the red areas, allowing to dry in between coats. Apply paint until you have even coverage.
  8. paint red stripes 1red stripes
  9. Paint the white areas, allowing paint to dry in between coats. Apply paint until you have even coverage.
  10. paint white stripeswhite stripes
  11. Optional: You can spray your painted lighthouse with exterior polyurethane for added protection.
  12. Apply glue to the pots and stack them together. Apply glue to the bottom of the lantern and the top of the clay pot lighthouse base. Attach lantern. Allow glue to dry completely.
  13. put glue on lanternput glue on pot
  14. Add a candle to the lantern and enjoy your new lighthouse!
  15. candle in lanternClay Pot LighthouseClay Pot Lighthouse at night

By lalala... [574]

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Here are questions related to Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse.

Question: Top of Terra Cotta Lighthouse.

Where can the top of lighthouse be purchased ? It looks like one that is on my lighthouse I purchased from Walmart.

By Liz


Best Answer

By heatherh7805/25/2014

That's a Rotera tea light holder from ikea.

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

What kind of cement is used to put the pots together?

By Brenda from Morristown, TN

Best Answer

By Linda L. [33]05/20/2014

You can stick just about anything to anything with E6000 glue avail in craft and home improvement stores. It comes clear, black or white so be sure to get the color you prefer.

Question: Painting the Pots for Lighthouse

What kind of paint do you use for the lighthouse? Is it spray paint, as last time I painted a terra cotta pot with a paint brush it was all streaky. Any ideas on how to paint it so it is even and has not got the streak lines?

By Wendy

Most Recent Answer

By billosborne06/16/2014

Make sure your paint is colder than what you are painting even if you have to put it in the fridge. It should result in a streak-free finish.

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Pot Lighthouse

What kind of lantern did you attach to the light house? How do you connect the pots together for the pot heads?

By Deborah from Perrysburg, OH

Most Recent Answer

By sew4fun01/06/2015

Looks like an IKEA lantern.

Question: Windows on Terra Cotta Lighthouse

How did you make the windows on the terra cotta lighthouse?

By M. Campbell from Front Royal, VA

Most Recent Answer

By clkirsch5601/09/2015

I was wondering the same thing, I'm guessing they had a template.

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Why do you have to use cement, why couldn't you use Gorilla glue?

By Debbie

Most Recent Answer

By lalala... [574]06/09/2014

Any glue that works for outside use is fine.

Question: Light on Top of Lighthouse

Could you possibly use a solar path light, that looks like a lantern, for the &"topper"?

By Tray J. from Dannemora, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Esther C. [1]05/30/2014

I've been making lighthouses out of clay pots since '85 and always used the regular solar lights for the top. Recently I did see on the internet where someone bought the lanterns but was going to use a candle with it. If you can find the solar lanterns that fit the size of your top pot's bottom, go for it. Would love to hear how it turned out and your resource for the lanterns.

Question: Making a Clay Pot Lighthouse

What type of paint do you use for the clay pots? Should you use two different sizes of pots?

By Ellie G.

Most Recent Answer

By lalala... [574]06/09/2014

A spray primer is a good idea. They make craft acrylic paint that is for outdoor projects. I found it at Joann's. is best to use pots that get progressively smaller in size.

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Has anyone had a problem with the weight of 3 or 4 pots stacked on each other breaking the ones below them?

By Nina W

Question: Terra Cotta Lighthouse Fencing

What is used for the fencing at the top of the large lighthouse?

By Juanita

Question: Terra Cotta Lighthouses

How large of pots did you use?

By Linda from Denison, IA

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Are you sure its just two large terra cotta pots? looks like more to me.

By Janet T

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Flower Pot Lighthouse

What is the black part of the lighthouse just below the lamp. It looks circular with a rail?

By Patty

Question: Making a Terra Cotta Lighthoue

Great idea- Is the little light battery operated? Does yours really light up?

By Winona from RI