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Terra Cotta Lighthouse

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Terra Cotta Lighthouse

This terracotta lighthouse is just 2 large plant pots cemented together and painted, with a lantern on top.

By patanthar

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By Kathy T.04/14/2014

Finally finished. I used the top of an old lighthouse I had.

RE: Craft: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

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By dianemelchingblackburn04/21/2014

I want to make one of these but need sugestions on what size light to use.

By Victoria J.04/20/2014

This is simple. You take two very large terra cotta planters, or as many planters as you want, just one size smaller then the next. Turn upside down and put larger one on bottom and cement the next smaller one on top of larger one, top side down, until the size you want it. You let cement dry and then paint them how you want and after paints dry you can use a weather sealant to protect it. Then add a small light house on top and cement in place or use some kind of fasteners to hold in place.

By Tina Marie T.04/19/2014

So where is the how to part of this? Every link I clicked on took me to another picture and no instructions. It's obviously not hard to make but the materials list and everything is no where to be found.

By Sandy Hungate W.04/19/2014

All I seen was a pic. Where is the how to video? I mean it's not like I can't get the idea from the pic, I just did't see a video.....

By Kathy T.04/15/2014

melmick, can you tell me more details about your flag lighthouse? My sister-in-law wants me to make it your their garage. It's call Freedom Auto and their logo is a flag and eagle. What size pots, and how you did the stars etc? Thanks

By Lewissan [31]04/15/2014

That is awesome! Great work!

By onejewel04/12/2014


By Kathy T.04/09/2014

I have looked everywhere for the top of the lighthouse in the picture. Does anyone know where to find it?

By Kathy T.04/08/2014

I found something for painting the windows. Paint sample cards at Lowes. Valspar has squares punched out in their cards. I think they will make perfect stencils. :)

By maryi04/04/2014

What size of pots did you use?

By April M.02/22/2014

I see a lot of people are asking how to make windows in the lighthouse straight. Painters tape comes in different widths, cut out squares and tape it to the pot where you want windows and paint over the holes from outside in :> [_] <.

By AnnMarie Forbes J.09/12/2013

I would like some help determining what the graduated sizes of the pots should be so as not to nest in one another.

By melmick08/21/2013

Here is the lighthouse I made for my daughter. I had a lot of fun doing it. I used a solar light for the top.

RE: Craft: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

By caramel50408/14/2013

Can you please tell me what kind of glue you used for this lighthouse? Your lighthouse is beautiful - I'm totally inspired and want to try this for myself & gifts for others. I love lighthouses.

By tnpakrat05/28/2013

@angelmaddy8123: I think your lighthouse is beautiful! As far as learning to "paint straighter" ...just the way it is gives it charm and character. It is handmade and unique... NOT machine-made perfect. Keep up your lovely, lovely work!

By meemee05/22/2013

You can also use plastic pots for this lighthouse, works great, and they are cheaper then terra cotta pots.

By Angie Sammons H.05/15/2013

Found the solar lantern at the Christmas Shop but I'm sure they can be found about anywhere. Will be planting Lithadora tiny blue flowers and then will replace with Bacopa.

RE: Craft: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

By darnellmoonda05/09/2013

You can just buy a solar yard light and stick it in a hole on the top of the pot... might have to cut a hole in the pot first. Would be simple and just have to change the batteries in the light, which would automatically come on at night... cheaper than running an electric light.

By angelmaddy812305/09/2013

I love lighthouses, made this large black and white one for me, with the solar light on top. I've made a few smaller ones, that I will try selling at my craft shows. I just need to learn how to paint straighter especially when it comes to the windows and such. So easy to make.

RE: Craft: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

By flluvmy405/07/2013

Putting a lantern on top that could hold a tealight or votive would be AWESOME! I think I will do mine in red, white, and blue for when hubby comes back from deployment.

By unokido05/07/2013

Are stencils used? I'm new at doing something like this and want to make it look good. Any suggestions?

By Esther W.05/06/2013

The windows and door is painted with different colors.

By unokido05/06/2013

I want to make the lighthouse but I'm not sure on how to make the windows and door.

By Loretta Bonsall M.05/05/2013

I just love this lighthouse. Making one for a yard decoration with a light on top and the other as a birdbath. This web site is a great place and I will be learning a lot of new things for my yard and house. Thank You

By Brandy N Chuck N.05/03/2013

Some have 3 or 4 pots. Just whatever you like.

By Terri B.05/01/2013

The glowstick in a jar is a great idea and I have just reposted a great idea on making your own glow stick solution.
1/4 c MT. Dew (a bit left in the bottle perhaps)
a pinch of baking soda
3 capfuls of peroxide.

Put cap on and shake - voila, instant glow light. And the shape of the pop bottle would look good on the top of the lighthouse, I'd think.

Now, I wonder if you freeze it (like you can glow sticks), it'd preserve it for the next night. Hmmm, I wonder if one couldn't make ahead, portion it in ice cube trays or little jars and refrigerate or freeze. Anyone know? Can't cost anything to try, anyway! Two projects connected!

By diane szlucha [6]02/29/2012

I thought it was really three pots and that is what the diagram shows, three pots, not two. Also, I have gotten lanterns at Lakeside and some on special on the internet deals. Love lighthouses!

By Anonymous [848]02/03/2010

Patanthar, your lighthouse looks awesome in the snow! Is that a hat placed on it?

By sandra08/28/2009

I will definitely do this, the pots were the ceramic ones right, and where did you get the lantern?

By Anonymous [848]08/03/2009

Very cool with perfect paint job!

By Misty [19]08/03/2009

Love it! :)

By S Durgeloh [3]07/27/2009

Since I favor all things "beach" related, I love this! I just hope that the one I will make doesn't "grow legs" when I place it outside. Thank you!

By LITTLE SUZY [93]07/27/2009

You did a great job. It looks very neat and perfect. The pots fits togethr well like it's all one piece.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Craft Project: Terra Cotta Lighthouse


Terra Cotta Lighthouse
Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Time Required for project:

Drying time of 24 hours for the silicone caulk
Drying time of 4-8 hours for the paint


  • 5-6 graduated terra cotta pots
  • 1 solar garden light
  • 1 tube of outdoor clear silicone caulk
  • 2 one quart cans of outdoor paint (Black and white)
  • 1 can of spray varnish or clear plastic coat
  • Dremel tool with sanding drum mandrel for enlarging hole for garden
  • light only if needed.
Terra Cotta Lighthouse


You will need to buy or find 5-6 graduated terra cotta pots depending on how tall you want this. With outdoor silicone, glue each pot to the other while each pot is turned up side down. You now have your tower for your lighthouse. With good outdoor paint, Paint your lighthouse. Pictures can be found online for the stripes as each lighthouse is different.

Coat tower with spray varnish or clear plastic coat. Top with a solar garden light. You may need to enlarge the hole on the top pot to be able to put the garden light on. This can be accomplished with a dremel tool with a sanding drum mandrel.

These would be especially pretty lining a drive way. These would also be pretty on a table using smaller terracotta pots that can be found at most craft stores. For the light on top, use a baby food jar with a glow stick that should glow until your party is over

By Debra from Colorado Springs, CO

RE: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Dear Debra, How clever. this is a fantastic idea for me as I like all things nautical. I would like to try this for my garden. Thanks for sharing. (11/21/2006)

By downunderchick

RE: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

What a great idea! (12/29/2006)

By nmcl

RE: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Great idea. I will give this to Dad for Father's day! (05/06/2007)

By momo5

RE: Terra Cotta Lighthouse

I love lighthouse. I was looking for an idea for my pots. Thanks for the wonderful idea, keep em coming! (04/27/2008)

By lessa

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