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Deterrent for Snakes

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Can anyone suggest a way to repel snakes? I've heard that granular sulfur works and that it does not work, but that commercially sold SnakeAway does work. It's rather expensive though, so I'm hoping someone will know (from experience) an effective way repel snakes.

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By Carol from AR delta


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By Frances Adams [11]05/10/2011

You can also try the moth ball crystals to sprinkle around.

By Pamela [3]04/19/2011

A couple of things. use moth balls and cheap kitty litter and surround the perimeter in which you want to keep the snakes out. This sounds weird but it really does work. also, snakes do not like the white rock like you see in some power plant sub stations. we had one on our land so it was easy to access the rocks. But, best bet on the moth balls and kitty litter. Good luck.


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Archive: Deterrent For Snakes

I babysit my grandkids at my son's house. It is on the end of the street with a big backyard next to a wooded area. Last night while taking out garbage my son thought he saw a snake in the trash can. I am terrified of snakes, I would sooner see a monster in the yard. Is there anythin that will be a deterrent for snakes? They also have a dog and I wouldn't want to poison her in the process. Please help.

Mamaw, KC

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

I live in FL and boy oh boy do we have snakes. Like you I am terrified of them. We have found that putting Snakeaway in the garden and around the foundation of the house helps. You can buy it at Home Depot, Tru Value, Ace, and some of the larger Wal Marts carry it. Hope this helps you. (05/16/2005)

By Louise B.

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

My granny used to use moth balls and just throw them around the area she didn't want to cross paths with them. She swore by them. (05/16/2005)

By San

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Use lime. (05/17/2005)

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Snakes are beneficial as long as the snakes aren't poisonous or extremely large. Snakes kill mice, rats, and other pests. Usually if you ignore them, they will go away on their own. Call your local state park or another source of information and find out how to recognize the snakes in your area. My kids were taught to identify wildlife and their habits so they had a better understanding of nature. (05/17/2005)

By mkymlp

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Snakeaway is not worth the money. I had seen 2 snakes at my place, so I bought some Snakeaway, $15 and used the whole container around the house and under it. 2 days later, what did I see? Another snake sitting on top of the stuff so I put moth balls out, my mother swore by them as well. Been told sulfur and lime will work as well. So am waiting to see if there are more around. I will be getting a cat for outside, maybe that will be the best way. But Lord knows if one gets inside the house I will have a heart attack. (05/18/2007)

By Terrence

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

I have found Snake repellent sold at Tractor Supply Co. works and does not smell like mothballs. A friend told me to keep Seven dust out around the house, snakes seem to not like it. I haven't tried that. I am deathly afraid of snakes, any kind. We live in South Texas on 10 acres and there are lots of rattlesnakes, Blue indigos, garters and such. The Blue indigos can give you a heart attack, but are great for keeping away rattlers. (07/20/2008)

By Diann

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

I have found that keeping a mongoose with you at all times will prevent snakes. I have three who I take everywhere with me. Work is sometimes a bit funny about it, but I have never encountered a snake so they clearly work. I have attached a picture of my mongoose with a snake he caught recently (09/12/2008)

By Graham

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Archive: Deterrent For Snakes

Will salt get rid of snakes?

By saddles

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Don't know about salt, but try sulfur. My grandmother used it when I was a child, she would sprinkle it around the edge of the yard. (09/17/2009)

By roadgypsygranny

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Sprinkle mothballs along edge of backyard close to wooded area and around perimeter of yard; that is basically all that the stuff called "Snake Away" is. (09/18/2009)

By indianlady

RE: Deterrent For Snakes

Snakes don't like the smell of marigolds. Plant them around the edge of the yard as a border. I did this and it really worked for me, There were a lot of snakes in my yard at one time. Since I planted the marigolds I might see 1 a year. You could possibly set pots of marigolds out, too. Since it's the smell they don't like it might work just as well. (09/19/2009)

By kimjkrueger

Archive: Deterrent for Snakes

How do you keep snakes off your property, especially rattlers? We have tried almost everything.


Archive: Deterrent for Snakes

How do I get rid of snakes?

By Napoleon from Ghana, West Africa

RE: Deterrent for Snakes

We used extra mothballs. It keeps them away from wherever you don't want them, need to replace if it rains hard. (03/29/2010)

By holybible

RE: Deterrent for Snakes

My extension agent said a very fine fence around the yard's perimeter would help some and keeping junk or lumber off the ground also. He said that lava rock might keep them away from the house because it cuts them and they don't like crawling over it. We have used Snake-Away and it did the trick, but it's kind of expensive and has to be replaced after rain. Good luck. (03/29/2010)

By kla_710

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