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Removing Wood Stain from Clothing

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Applying Wood Stain

If stain gets on clothes when you are tinting wood, it can be difficult to remove. This guide is about removing wood stain from clothing.



Here are questions related to Removing Wood Stain from Clothing.

Question: Wood Stain on Jeans

How do you get wood stain out of blue jeans? We were staining a desk and I got stain on my new blue jeans.

Trista from Brinington, WA


Most Recent Answer

By Janette [87]02/12/2009

Try nail polish remover. ~Janette~

Question: Removing Wood Stain from a Sweatshirt

Is there a way I can remove dark wood stain from my cotton sweatshirt after it has set? I have washed it, not dried it, and tried acetone, the stain set before I could try to remove it immediately :( It was MinWax woodstain that unfortunately hit my sweatshirt.

By Bri

Question: Oil Based Wood Stain on Khaki Pants

stain on front of pantsI mistakenly picked up a wooden table that I had stained before the stain was fully dry. Now I have a light but noticeable stain on the front of my khaki pants. Any ideas on if this can be removed and if so, how?

By Shirley F

Question: Removing Wood Stain from Clothing

How do I get wood stain out of clothing? One spot has penetrated the fabric and another is where the fabric rubbed against the almost dry stained wood.

By herron.pj

Question: Removing Furniture Stain from Shirt

How do I remove wood stain from a shirt that has already been washed once? I read the responses to a similar question, but I didn't realize that the stain was on the shirt until I had already washed and dried the shirt. Is it still possible to get the stain out with the mineral spirits? Help!


By Morgan

Question: Removing Wood Stain from Clothing

How do I get wood stain out of clothes?

By Reba from Round Rock, TX

Question: Minwax Stain on Clothing

I have Minwax oil base stain on off white pants. the stain is not heavy duty but you can see it. What will remove it?

Joyce thr816882

Solutions: Removing Wood Stain from Clothing

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