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Permanent Marker on Hardwood

Last week as I was cleaning, I noticed that I had a temporary card from a store stuck to the bottom of my wet shoe which had been sitting there for who knows how long. I went to go pick up the shoe and found that the temporary card has stuck itself to my hardwood floor and the writing on the card (written in permanent marker) had been transferred onto the floor of my house.


I freaked out thinking about how mad my landlords would be and began to think of all of the cleaning products that I could try to erase this disaster. While standing in the aisle of the grocery store prepared to buy every product on the shelf, I found the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with the scrubbing back. I have used this product several times and it works great.

I tried it on my floor and it is completely gone! There were no fumes, no scratching, or fear of ruining the floor. It works best if you choose a small area and rub until it comes off. It took only about 5 minutes for the black marker to be completely gone. Worked for me and I hope that it works for you too!

By DryCabinGirl from Fairbanks, AK

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My 2 year old grandson recently wrote on his mom's hardwood floor with a Magic Marker. Does anyone know how to clean this without ruining the finish? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jackie V. from Walker, LA


Permanent Marker on Unfinished Hardwood Floor

Just a thought. I know that WD-40 gets crayon and pen off of lovely decorated walls. Try it on the floors. It might work. Let us know if it does

By Kristen

Permanent Marker on Unfinished Hardwood Floor

Hair spray works on acrylic paint. I don't know about magic marker. (09/20/2005)

By Stone2005

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

Try Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, with a 7 year old, I have used it on everything from crayon to permanent marker with huge success. I wouldn't live without this product! (07/28/2006)

By bobmarbj

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

My 2 year old did the same with Sharpie magic marker. Tried Soap with no success. It only took the top shine off. I will try Mr. clean. (09/27/2006)

By Gamin

Permanent Marker on Hardwood Floor

We just tried bug spray, purell hand sanitizer and simple green and oops multi purpose remover to try and take permanent marker off of finished wood floors. The bug spray worked a little, but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took the rest off. Praise God! (11/25/2006)

By Emily

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I'm so glad I'm not alone with this problem. My 2 year old grandson also found my wood floors a great canvas. I was able to get it out of the formica counters with alcohol (rubbing). But it didn't work on the floors. Someone told me about the Mr. Clean product. I'm going to have to try that. I hope it works.
Baton Rouge, LA (12/18/2006)

By Shellie M.

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I just used an SOS pad lightly, and it took the marker off easily! (01/09/2007)

By Scott

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

Magic Eraser worked like a charm (09/27/2007)

By Environow

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I had to come back on my computer and tell everyone that the alcohol, does work. My 7 and 5 year old daughters marked fairly new hardwood floors with markers, and it worked for me. Thank you everyone and everywhere for you feedback.



Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

What a floor saver you all are! My 4 year old came into the kitchen today and said that the floor was turning red...yes red magic marker, like a maze, all over our newly refinished hardwoods. Tried soap and water, mineral spirits and then ran to the computer and found this sight. Thank you to all of you! The rubbing alcohol worked and my little guy loved helping Mommy make the red disappear with little white cotton balls. (10/03/2007)

By fourswartzes

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

The rubbing alcohol saved my life and the life of my son. Thank you so much. (10/27/2007)


Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I had to reply. Alcohol is working like a charm. This was deep red permanent marker on my brand new hardwood floors in my 1 week old brand new million dollar home. The alcohol has lightened it up so that it's not noticeable. I'm going to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser after this. (10/30/2007)

By Hard @ work on this permanent marker

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

My 2 1/2 year old son wrote on my hardwood floors with a permanent marker (black). I was extremely upset to say the least, but after I used the rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls, I might even join in next time. No scrubbing and it took it out completely. Thanks for the advice. Cheers, (01/09/2008)

By Jake

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Without a doubt, a miracle product! Got out numerous colors and large blocks of permanent marker on my new hardwood floors! (02/22/2008)

By Sarah

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

This saved my life! (03/08/2008)

By Ben S

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

Thank you for your suggestions. Alcohol pads worked like magic on red marker on our wood floor. No more markers for our 4 year old for awhile.


By Nancy

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

Wow, I had a heart attack when I saw that my 2 year old son drew on my new finished hardwood floor. I scrubbed and scrubbed with different products and then I got on the internet and found this forum, so used the rubbing alcohol and with just a little light scrubbing the marker came right off my floor. I would just like to thank everyone this site saved my life and my floors. (03/25/2008)

By Shawna

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

To mark a big party salad covered in foil, I stood in my kitchen and shook a permenant marker twice to bring down the ink. After writing 'house salad' I put the cap back on the marker only to realize black ink was splattered on my counter tops, my sink, my walls, my wooden floor, and my new dress! OMG!

I had 1 Magic Eraser under the sink! I used it carefully with Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner. My white formica countertops are giving me a fit but it's looking good. My sink is doing better. And my expensive wooden floors came clean.=) I don't even care about the dress anymore.

Bless this website! (09/07/2008)

By Viv

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

While working on a school project, my daughter accidentally got orange Sharpie on her brand new wood floors. I was reading postings from this site to my husband and before I was done, he had gone upstairs and cleaned her floor with, not rubbing alcohol, but RUM before I could get annoyed with him, IT HAD WORKED. No sign of the orange Sharpie, and the finish was not dulled. I guess alcohol is alcohol.

I hope this info helps someone else at some point. (09/07/2008)

By Cheryl

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I have never given any feedback on any site in my life, this is my first. My 2 1/2 year old started writing on the hardwood floor with some kind of marker. I tried many commercial cleaning product and it does not work. Rubbing alcohol does the magic, this site is indispensable. (10/11/2008)

By David Ng

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I just fixed a floor when moving into a new house. I used this once before on my great grandparents antique desk. It is a simple solution, Goof off. It will not take off any sealant or discolor in any way. (10/25/2008)

By Amy

Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I just tried for 45 minutes with rubbing alcohol on my hardwood floors and NOTHING! Maybe a little lighter, but that's it. (11/15/2008)


Magic Marker on Hardwood Floor

I couldn't get rubbing alcohol so my girlfriend pulled out the nail polish remover and it worked fine. Main ingredient was acetone. (02/27/2009)

By Flxa

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