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Please help. A new velvet couch + a 3 year old son = bad idea. I had no inkling that velvet could be such a nightmare, I would never have bought a velvet couch if I had known. I just tried to wipe off finger marks from sticky fingers with a damp micro fibre cloth, and it's ruined the velvet. I am so upset. This is how I clean my other couch, but it has left a very obvious patch of matted velvet. Please friends, how do I restore the look of the velvet? Thanks

By Maram from Kellyville, NSW


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By Grandma J 54 1,041 11/18/2010

Velour fabric is a texture like velvet. Velvet is used for clothing wear. Brushed nylon is used on furniture piece and has a more forgivable care tag. I use my carpet/furniture shampooer on it. This is a big machine. You need to back brush it (think if it as a furry dog). Check with the furniture store on product recommended. Also, there should be a scotchguarding done on this before leaving the store. There are also warranties on fabric wear for furniture. The furniture standards set are for the fabrics to have normal wear not O.M.G. now what do I do.
I recovered one couch/hide-a-bed with similar fabric. It has a backing on that is durable. I expect at least 20 years of use with it, kids, dog, etc. I just clean it. A dirty couch will wear out faster.

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Archive: Spot Cleaning a Velvet Couch

How do I spot clean a velvet couch? I've tried just water and a soft cloth and it has completely matted down the fabric. I tried to lift the dry fabric with a toothbrush, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Sarah from Chicago

RE: Spot Cleaning a Velvet Couch

Try this. Get a large stiff brush or a regular bristle (not metal) hair brush then lightly spray with clean water. Then brush the nap one way then back the other until it looks right. If all else fails, and your couch is super dirty, you can try one of those "foam-on" cleaners made for carpets and upholstery. You basically foam it on to a new sponge, then wipe it back and forth, them let it dry, then vacuum.

My daughter still has the Herculean velveteen couch I bought back in the mid 80s and if it weren't for her cats, it would still look like new. It's dark emerald green and hasn't faded one bit through the years. We've taken the cushion covers off many times and washed them in the machine in cold water then hung them dry. (*use a plastic garbage bag over the cushion to help the cover slip back on) Also, my son (he's now 21), when he was 2 years old used to go along the back of the couch and wipe his runny nose on the soft velvet (we still tease him about it!). I'd just clean it up with a little dish soap and water or a bit of shaving cream and water. Good as new!

But, I really can't help you until I find out the fiber content of your velvet. Is it synthetic, cotton, a blend, or what? Is it really "velvet", or do you actually mean "velveteen"? Also, what kind of dirt is on your couch? Is it just matted down, or is it actually dirty? Post me a note on ThriftyFun. I know quite a bit about the care of fabrics, as I've sewn and bought many different fabrics for 40 years. (12/31/2007)

By Cyinda

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