Cleaning Tissue Paper Stains From Carpet

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The dye used to make colored tissue paper can stain your carpet if the paper or the carpet are wet. This is a guide about cleaning tissue paper stains from carpet.



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Question: Tissue Paper Stained My Carpet

My daughter had a birthday party and it was pouring rain when a few guests arrived. The bags carrying the gifts were soaked. Some hot pink tissue paper dripped on my foyer rug, hardwoods and den carpet as the girl carried the gift in. When I took the gift from her, it got on my shorts and top. Even my hands are still stained.

We tried spot cleaning the rug right away with vinegar but no luck. It won't even come off the hardwoods. My clothes are soaking in oxyclean. Any suggestions? Thanks. By the way, I don't think the girl is even aware, she doesn't know about this since they all disappeared upstairs. I would never want a child to feel bad about something they can't help!

Ann from Mint Hill, NC

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By Ann4 (Guest Post) 06/13/2006

I think you missed my point. I mentioned in the request that we immediately tried cleaning the spots with vinegar and I wanted to make it clear that we didn't do anything in front of the child. As I said, I would never want a child to feel bad about something they couldn't help. I didn't want anyone reading the request to think that we had started working on the spots while any of the kids were around.

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