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Removing Pet Odor and Dander from Our New Home

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I am purchasing a home that the old tenants had inside pets. The home is a beautiful house, but has a strong pet odor. I have allergies to the pet dander. How can I get the dander and the odor eliminated?

Kerri from Fairfield Bay, AR



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By jody (Guest Post)11/06/2008

Yes. using a black light will help you find traces of urine on the carpet cats will usually spray along the walls and dog urine will usually be found near the center of the room. Male dogs will mark corners of door jams and corners so check them as well.

If it is dog body odor hire a Truckmounted carpet cleaner these units have high heat to break down the body oils transferred from dogs to the carpet.

If it is pet urine check out

By Sherry [36]01/11/2008

Spinkle the floor with baking soda and Borax and let it sit. Vacuum it up. Then spray either Febreeze or Vinegar diluted with water in the air and on the carpets to get rid of the rest of the odor. Good luck to you.

By (Guest Post)01/11/2008

Hi Kerri-
go to your local pet store and ask to rent a 'Black Light'. This light will show you how many areas, although cleaned, still contain pet residue which is so hard to remove. The pet store sells specific cleaners that should take care of what you are looking for- in terms of odor.
In terms of dander, you would want to use a vacuum like Oreck or Dyson that states on it 'removes allergens' and then make sure you use a high-grade furnace filter for allergins that you can get at home depot/lowes.
Good luck!

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