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My father in law would like to find out information about purchasing garden seeds in the U.S. and transporting them to the Philippines. He would like to grow American veggies and a greater range of flowers than are available there. Does anyone know what the customs requirements are for this area or have any experience with this?

Jess from Portland, OR



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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 08/24/2007

http://www.evergreenseeds.com/howtoorder.html had this information:

"The seed import rules are different in many countries which are set by their government. It is your responsibility to check your customs for the entry requirements, we can't guarantee for your customs entry. We can guarantee only that we will ship out your order from our end. There is no restriction in USA for exporting seeds to any foreign country. Most countries allow importing seeds in small packets/small quantity without any restrictions. However, many countries may require a phytosanitary certificate for importing seeds, paricularly in bulk quantity and commercial planting uses, into their country. This document is issued by US Department of Agriculature for exporting, after the seeds inspected/passed here"

So your FIL should probably check at that end to see what the restrictions are.

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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 08/24/2007

I just found this website from the Philippines with more information:


Hope this helps.

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