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Using Leftover Tortilla Chips

Leftover Tortilla Chips

When you have chips that are crumbled or gotten a little stale, there are ways to incorporate them into other foods. This guide is aboutusing leftover tortilla chips.


Solutions: Using Leftover Tortilla Chips

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Tip: Add Tortilla Chip Crumbs To Soup

The DH was making himself a can of Juanitas Chicken Pozole and decided to add the broken tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag. He added a loose 1.5 - 2 cups and heated the soup on low for 45 minutes to one hour.

The result was a thick tasty pozole stew. What a good use for the bits.

By Barbara from Bremerton, WA

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Recipes Using Corn Chips

Corn Chips in Vegan NachosThis is a guide about recipes using corn chips. Nachos are a favorite recipe that uses tortilla chips, but there are other creative ways to use them.

Tip: Save Leftover Chip Crumbs

When you get to the bottom of the chip bag and the tortilla chip bags there are always broken chips in the bottom. The broken potato chip pieces make wonderful casserole toppings, filler in meatloaf, coating for chicken and other meats for frying, etc.

The tortilla pieces are wonderful in soup, top of Mexican inspired casseroles and salads. Make sure to let your family know that you are using these leftovers and NOT to throw the bags with the crumbs away. This only works if you can get everyone on board the savings train!

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Question: Recipes Using Leftover Chips

What do you do with the broken corn chips at the bottom of the bag? I'm sick of throwing them out into the compost. Sometimes half the bag seems to be crumbs. I've tried crushing them and adding them to my bread baking, but I don't like the final result. Any reasonable suggestions welcome. I'm basically a whole foods cook and this is about the closest I get to prepared food.

By quiltmum from Canada

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By crafty girl 1 10/22/2014 Flag

Eat them! That's is they aren't stale... if they are give them to birds, hand them to your kids to feed the birds at the park. Great for families to have fun!

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Question: Uses For Tortilla Chips

Have some tortilla chips that are a little stale or some crumbs left in the bottom the bags? Here are some ideas for using those chips. Post your ideas.

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By Bridget (Guest Post) 05/10/2005 Flag

Yummy taco salad ~ grab some lettuce a little leftover meat ( crumbled beef, chicken or even pork). I even love to add leftover rice & then sprinkle with cheese & tomatoes. You can use most anything as your dressing - gravy, salsa or even your favorite salad dressing. Cheap ~ but very, very good :)

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Archive: Recipes Using Leftover Chips

Any uses for those leftover 1/2 bags of potato/tortilla chips that NO ONE will touch after 2 days? Remember, camouflage is the KEY word here! The family can't actually identify it as leftover chips in the resulting recipe.