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Reviews of High End Washer/Dryer Sets


Our washer and dryer of 10 years is starting to give out. The set was a cheaper one, and now my husband and I would like to replace it with a really high quality set. We are willing to spend some money if we won't have to replace it soon, and the set is energy efficient. Anybody have a set that they love or hate and why? Just want some input on what brands, style, etc. we should be looking into.




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By Marge Mayhew 3 149 12/22/2008 Flag

You can go to and read the feedback there on all kinds of products. I usually see what folks have to say about an item before I buy it.

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By Pam (Guest Post) 01/04/2009 Flag

Three years ago I bought a Sears Elite HE washer and dryer set. The washer is a front loader which uses less water and can hold a large amount of clothing. (i have washed my king-sized bedspread it it.) As it is an HE washer, it uses less detergent. It even has a sanitary cycle that is great for towels. (In south Florida we have a problem them getting a mildew smell.) They are full sized but can be stacked or set side by side. You can purchase stands with a drawer for them to set on, if you so desire.They are highly rated by Consumer Reports. I have really been enjoying mine and would recommend them to anyone.

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By (Guest Post) 01/04/2009 Flag

We have a Fischer and Paykel and we just love it. Not many moving parts so easy to fix. The only draw back is it sounds like a jet plane taking off. Not loud just a weird noise, but you get used to it.

TC in MO

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By Lady (Guest Post) 01/05/2009 Flag

I purchased a new set right before Christmas. I chose the maytag 3000 series front load washer and dryer that could be stacked, Its efficient, does the job and is the quietest machine i have ever owned. I love it.

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By Laura (Guest Post) 01/05/2009 Flag

I have the Sears Kenmore brand He washer and love it. It's amazing how clean the clothes get with less water and detergent and you can wash alot of clothes in one load. I did buy the pedistal for it so I didn't have to bend so far. I still have a regular size dryer as it works fine but my husband built a plywood box to set it on to raise the height-works very well.

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By susan 8 1,368 02/05/2009 Flag

Fisher & Paykel--you won't be sorry. Check around, they have different models of both washers and dryers with different features. All are energy efficient.

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By (Guest Post) 02/05/2009 Flag

Thanks for all the feedback. We read Consumer Reports and ended up with an LG, which we really like.

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