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Help For Seniors Who Need Eyeglasses

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Are there any services that could help a diabetic senior, that is blind in one eye, get eyeglasses?

By ma5 from San Jose, CA


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By Macie C.12/27/2012

MA5 from San Jose, I have the same problem and my eye doctor told me to go to the Dollar Store and buy a pair of 325 glasses for one dollar. They work great. Also got a pair of glasses for my computer this was a hit and miss but it works.

By Malcolm08/17/2009

I like using which has some nice discount glasses. I believe they start at around $30 for their prescription glasses. Zenni is even cheaper I've heard.

By Janet [11]07/23/2009

If your friend is a veteran, he can get one free pair of eyeglasses a year at any veteran's hospital.

By Amy Crowley [3]07/22/2009

Start Google searches, because I know that many organizations do this. I want to say Lens Crafters collects glasses as well. The only thing is that blindness may not be stopped or reversed with glasses. I would say that the Aging committees offer some info, but there is likely a diabetic care center nearby. Start by asking an MD, and then look around. Walmart's eye exams are pretty cheap (even though I hate Walmart), and optical quality frames can be bought for really next to nothing. Buying online is tough, because of the fit. check out your local optometrists, because they always have frames that are discontinued, and they could do a better job regarding sight. I don't know when vision became a luxury on insurance plans. I don't want to drive with people who can't see!

By Bob [7]07/22/2009

I, also, use I have been using them for years and they are great! I have ordered the $8 dollar, $20 and the $40 dollar and all have been fine. The $20 frames are nice as they have the nicer hinges.

By Darlene Bower [3]07/22/2009

This is not necessarily for seniors, but for anyone in these hard times! If you can manage to get your examination and your Rx, you can order glasses very cheaply online. I have had excellent results with My family and I will never pay high prices for eyeglasses again! I get a complete pair with progressive lenses for about $30 compaired to $200-$300 or more from my optician.

By Deanj07/21/2009

The Lions Club has a box outside grocery stores in my state to recycle eye glasses . They recyle the frames and replace the lens for people who can not afford glasses. Contact the lyons club in your state.

By PENNY K [15]07/20/2009

Oh, yes. Find your local Lions Club. They provide glasses free I believe. I used to go out with a guy who belonged to
that group and they did then.

By Lisa [2]07/20/2009

You could contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Scroll down a bit for listings in California.

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