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Baby Oil In Hair

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How do you remove baby oil from hair?

Tracy from Cascade, IA


Recent Answers

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By alexandrea (Guest Post)12/08/2008

I'm going 2 use the dawn idea. I hope it works. I have tomorrow and don't want greasy hair! yikes

By denise (Guest Post)10/24/2008

Kids put baby oil in there hair I cant get it out I need to find a fast way before they go to school.

By (Guest Post)10/16/2008

Don't keep baby oil in your hair for more than five days make sure you shampoo, and wash your hair.

By (Guest Post)09/13/2008

Dish soap totally works! Not just DAWN, any kind! Thanks!

By Lee (Guest Post)08/06/2008

I'm having a crisis! I have had baby oil in my long hair now for 3 weeks. I cannot get Dawn anywhere here in Sydney Australia. They haven't sold it here in a few years. I have used bi-card soda, soap, washing detergent. everything. But I think I need to get the Dawn. Ebay wont post it to me here from US so that's out. what to do? Does anyone know where to get Dawn if you are in Australia?

By lilly. (Guest Post)05/27/2008

OMG I have baby oil stuck in my hair and I've washed with Dawn for about 3 days now and nothings coming out! It's such a mess and the ends of my hair are going to break because it's so dry. I need help ? Can anything else work?

By paul tchernakoff (Guest Post)04/20/2008

My old friend Peter used to use baby oil, but is it o.k for older men to use baby oil in the hair? What do you think? Who makes the rules?

By (Guest Post)03/30/2008

Baby oil is good for your hair, leave it in. I always put baby oil in my hair after washing it.

By samanth (Guest Post)01/04/2008

Thank you for your ideas. I will try the dawn.

By Chris Locks (Guest Post)11/05/2007

DAWN worked the best! I shampooed 3 times and nothing..still a grease bomb. Then the following night, I used Dawn...and voila! Thanks everyone...I would have never thought of that.

By Kristen (Guest Post)05/21/2007

AS I AM TYPING THIS, I have baby oil in my hair!lol. I need the same help!

By Angeka Lage11/14/2006

I agree with the former post. Dawn is about the best thing you can use for greasy messes. Just be careful about the eyes!

By Ms April [1]11/14/2006

Wash hair with Dawn dish soap.
It is safe to use, it's used to clean wild animals after an oil spill.

By tiffany (Guest Post)11/13/2006

dawn dish detergent, it'll get it out my daughter had vaseline in her hair after she caught head lice and we used dawn to get that out it works!

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