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Freezing Roma Tomatoes

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How do I freeze fresh Roma tomatoes?

Hardiness Zone: 3b

Brenda from MN


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By Diana. (Guest Post)08/17/2006

I blanche in boiling water and peel the skins off, quarter and if feeling like I want the extra work squish out most of the seeds. Place in freezer bags and lay flat (cookie sheet) to freeze
I mix yellow and red tomatoes too-pretty and tasty!

By Carla Gilby08/17/2006

An Italian chef I saw on TV once said to put them on a baking sheet, freeze whole, then the skins will peel right off when you thaw them to use. I do the same with bell peppers, although it doesn't work as well with the skins. Works great on tomatoes, though. I always run them under hot water while still frozen and peel them while they're hard enough to handle easily.

By sandy [63]08/17/2006

a friend gave me several tomatoes the other day. she told me to put in blender and whir. wow i have fresh tomato juice for when i make hot stuff over the winter.

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