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Recipes for a Mini Crockpot

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I purchased a mini crock pot at the local Goodwill Store, I couldn't resist, its so cute. However I can not figure out anything to make in it. I am assuming small appetizers and dips. Does anyone have any recipes they can share with me. Thanks!

monnat96 from Pingree Grove, IL



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By Holly [350]02/07/2009

Suggestion - to avoid unpleasant surprises, fill a 3 cup measure with water, then pour into the mini crockpot. Figure out exactly how much water it can hold. On the bottom of the unit, in permanent marker, write down, "2 cups liquid to top" (or whatever the measurement is). Then, when you are considering a recipe, mentally add up the liquid ingredients and then the solids, and see if it will fit! I discovered (the hard way) that a recipe book included with my mini from many years ago wasn't precisely geared toward the mini's capacity.

I'm not able to share the recipes with you because I can't locate the booklet. However, I will tell you that the recipe I always make is my 'famous' applesauce.
Take 2 or more cored apples (MUST be different varieties), can leave the peel on - it doesn't matter, cut into chunks and put into pot. Add water up half way. Add 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, a dash of cloves and 2 dashes nutmeg, stir. Put the lid on and cook for at least 2 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally to reduce the chunks to a mash. If too liquidy, leave the top off the last half hour, stirring occasionally. If you absolutely must, can add sugar while it's cooking. I'd like to suggest that you make it at least once with out sugar because the different varieties of apples give it a lot of flavor and a sweetener really isn't required.

This works well in a large crock pot, too.

By Louise B. [4]02/07/2009

I own a small crockpot that I have had for many years. It is NOT a potpourri simmer. I use it for any thing that I would cook in a regular crockpot, except a smaller amount--chili, stew, small roast, apple crisp, etc. Just reduce the recipe size. It is handy since I live by myself.

By CAKEDEC (Guest Post)02/05/2009

Dear "Monat" thank you so much for giggle! ..."you bought it because it was cute & don't know what to put in it"! lol I find that hilarious! You sound cute to me, a different thing to do is grow a couple of herbs in it, I have a pretty container that I grow garlic in, looks really nice in the kitchen window.

By Kathryen [5]02/04/2009

I use my mini to make our morning oatmeal. It makes two one-cup servings which is just right for my husband and me -- 1 1/4 cup for him and 3/4 cup for me.

By Coreen Hart [73]02/04/2009

There was one at our church potluck last Sunday that held barbecue sauce. I would imagine chocolate would be nice - you could dip strawberries or pieces of banana in it. Gravy wouldn't get cold. It would probably melt wax in case you needed to coat the top of a corked wine bottle or dip birthday candles. Have fun!

By Barbara Petty [13]02/04/2009

My new crockpot came with one of those smaller ones as a bonus.I made the velveeta cheese and chili dip in it. It kept it warm enough to eat, but not boiling. And was great to have on the serving table.
I am sure that I will be able to think of other things to do with it. Like keeping sauces warm to put over cake, or gravy, or whatever.

By W. Tina Chase02/04/2009

Just wanted to reply to T&T Grandma... They do actually still make/sell mini crockpots. In fact, I just bought a brand new stainless full-size one and it came with a bonus mini one in the box. I understand the one purchased from the Goodwill may be old and perhaps should not be used for food, but this should not discourage anyone with a new one.

I plan to use my Crockette (love that name) for cheese foundue, but will be checking out those websites posted by Cat Lady, as normally I am just cooking for two of us and don't always need the large crockpot.

By Judy B. (Guest Post)02/04/2009

I use mine for special occasions. Put gravy in it for a buffet meal. Easy to refill and the gravy stays hot. Also extra cheese sauce for vegetables.

By Grandma J [46]02/03/2009

These should not be used for anything needing a controlled temperature. Keeping a vegie warm, cheese, etc but not meats, other products that bacteria or salmonella would have access to. The temp of these little ones do not get hot enough to use for basic food. Use for a potpouri container. They don't sell these little ones any more, find them at garage sales, etc. Not safe for cooking food.

By Anonymous [848]02/03/2009

Maybe just reduce regular size crock pot recipe ingredients accordingly? There are so many yummy crock pot recipes out there and it wouldn't be any more difficult to convert as one would from a size reduction for stove top or oven recipes.

By Amy Singh [2]02/03/2009


By Ariela [31]02/02/2009

I googled Mini Crock Pot recipes and many web sites came up.
However its also called a Crockette. Here is one web site
that you can get started looking on.

By dede smith [17]02/02/2009

Most mini crock pots are pottpori simmerers.

By Anonymous Cat Lady (Guest Post)02/02/2009

Well, you might want to check out this blog -

This woman made a New Year's resolution to use one of her crock pot every day for a year and blog the results. Its been a fairly interesting read.

Alternately, you could probably find some pretty good recipes on Allrecipes or RecipeZaar -

I hope this information helps. Good luck :)

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