Eye Glasses Are Too Tight


I have new eye glasses, and have had the ear pieces adjusted but they are still too tight. Can someone tell me a way to loosen them or some sort of padding for the ear part?

Amy from Evansdale, IA



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By mcw 80 1,754 03/28/2008

Please don't try to adjust them yourself, they can break very easy. Take them to the optical shop where you purchased them or any optical shop and have them readjusted.

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By Julie 49 565 03/29/2008

Most ALL places you buy your eye glasses offer FREE adjusting even walmart which is forever you do not have to show receipt or anything. No appointment needed it just takes 1 minute for them to adjust any part of your eyeglasses, that cause you discomfort they even replace the nose pads free. Take advantage of there service from the money you paid for them :-)

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By Julie 49 565 03/30/2008

also meant to mention that at walmarts vision center if you buy one set of frames for eye wear then later on in time purchase the same frame but in a diffearnt color walmart will exchange your lenses from one pair to the next free of charge no apt needed. i buy 2-3 of the same frames but get differant color frames to change out so i don't tire or the same look and they gladdly do this free service for you. it does not have to be within the year ither. as long as they still sell that type frame of whatever brand maker it is they will give you that service free.

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By kidsNclutter (Guest Post) 03/31/2008

Sometimes they need to adjust the nose pads to make the glasses sit properly & more comfortably on the ears. Or a combination of the nose & arms / ear pieces. Go back until they fit well & no longer bother you.

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 04/02/2008

If they are still hurting,take them back where you got them. They are supposed to adjust them until they get it right. No matter if you have to take them back every week. Might help if you take them when the same person is not on duty.

FYI~ I was out of town in a mall and the screw came off my glasses and I went into the LenseCrafter store to see if they could help, They put a new screw in and didn't charge me. Now I carry the eye glass kit with extra screws. Haven't needed it since LOL GG Vi

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