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Attaching Shells to Mirrors


I need to know what type of adhesive to use for securing shells to the frame of a mirror. I am interested, especially for making large projects. I read about PVA wood glue, and even plaster of Paris and non-acidic adhesives. What have any of you used that really worked well for yourselves?

I have tried the glue gun, but the glue dried and shells fell off after some time. One glue made the shells brittle over time. Even when using plaster of Paris the shells had fallen off one ladies' project. I considered Gorilla Glue. I may try that next. Do any of you have tried and true methods? I would be most appreciative. Thanks.


By shell-shocked from Keller, TX


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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 01/10/2005 Flag

I want to glue sea shells around a large round mirror with no frame. The edge of the mirror is scratched and worn away in some places and I feel this would revive it in a creative way. Any hints on how to attach shells would be appreciated.

Sharr from Queensland

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By Jennifer 33 93 07/22/2010 Flag

I would use e-6000 glue. It is really good and can be used for a large variety of surfaces.

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Archive: Attaching Shells to Mirrors

What is the best way to attach shells to a mirror frame? Here are tips from the ThriftyFun community.

Power Grab Adhesive

Do not use a glue gun. It will only last about a year. Use Power Grab by Loctite. It is a construction adhesive. It comes two ways. I buy the the one with it's own pressure valve for $6 at Home Depot. The $3 size goes in one of those large metal guns for caulking and is harder to use for small hands, but great if you are applying a lot of glue to spread around surface. My husband makes my flat frames. I paint them white as a rule because the glue is white. Have fun.

By Willietta

Silicone Glue

The best way to attach unlike materials to each other effectively is to use silicone glue.

By Notetotel

Hot Glue Gun

I tried the hot glue gun first and the shells came off again quite easily. I could not locate a product called clear caulk, but the silicone glue is working well so far.

By Sharr

Do you have any tips for attaching shells to mirrors? Feel free to post them below.


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