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Internet Explorer Blocking Access to Sites

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Recently my computer has been having an issue. When I type in an internet address (ie: my bank, aol mail, etc.), it says "Internet Explorer has blocked this site due to security certificate issues", telling me the certificate has either expired or is not valid. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?

I restored my computer to an earlier time before this issue and it didn't help

imaqt1962 from IL



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By Marty Dick [152]09/17/2010

I solved my problems by downloading Firefox. It's free and I love it! Much better than Explorer.

By jenthehen. (Guest Post)05/19/2008

Check the overview on your anti virus.

By P [2]05/15/2008

I wouldn't drop a firewall just to get into a site. If all advice fails, download Mozilla Firefox free. It's a better browser than IE, as this site shows:

and it is much less subject to hackers and spyware.

By carol [4]05/14/2008

Your security setting may be too high.
Click on tools, internet options, then click on the security tab and adjust the sliding bar (at the bottom) to a different setting. Your setting may be at 'high' which won't allow access to many sites. If you adjust it to 'medium' that may help.

By Cherie05/13/2008

I just had this problem today. I had to call the place where I was trying to go online and they walked me thru renewing the security certificate. I don't know why this happened but I was able to go to the website after a few steps.

By mcw [79]05/13/2008

There are several options that you can try.

Make sure that you clean the cookies and cache from your PC.

You might have to drop your firewall before you can access the websites in question.

Lastly Click on Tools, Click on Internet Options, Click on Content, Click on Certificates and see if there is an adjustment you can make.

And if none of the above work, click on Start. Click on Help and Support and see if you can find your answer in Help and Support.

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