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Why Have the Goldfinches Left My Yard?

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We had a lot of yellow finches, they have completely gone. We had thistle seed out for them and they were eating so much I was having to fill it every day. Could you tell me why they would suddenly leave?

By Donna from Statesville, NC


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By Sue Nugent05/19/2010

I have had multiple finches to visit my yard at times, but I have decided they are on a path to somewhere else, and just stopped in for a snack.

By ms. carmen [16]05/14/2010

This is pretty funny. We have them all winter long. When they all go into the leafless trees they look like Christmas Ornaments! By the 1st of May every last one of them are gone from at least 100 that eat from our 6 feeders. (I live in Central Cal.)

By merlene smith [4]05/13/2010

We had this happen to us in the fall in New England. They were with us all summer having a ball. Then one day they were gone. Maybe they're on their way back to us :)

By Judi [18]05/09/2010

Well, I know they migrate. We have them for a couple of days about twice a year and they move on.

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