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How to Make Draft Stoppers

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Go to hardware store and buy 1/2 inch pipe insulator. It should be less than a dollar for 6 feet of foam insulator. Buy one for each door your going to do. Measure width of door and cut foam 1/2 inch less than that measurement.

Take a 30 gallon garbage bag. Place one cut piece of foam on long end side of bag and roll towards the middle. Tape down. Do the same with the other side, but before taping the second side make sure their is enough room to slip the stopper underneath the door so that each side of door will have insulator on it.

Tape edges so it will run smoothly over flooring. Tadah! Now you have paid $1 for something that would have cost $10 if you had bought on television!

By Emily from Erlanger, KY


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Archive: How to Make Draft Stoppers

Does anyone have directions for how to make those door draft stoppers? Our "new" home is actually 35 years old and the wind seems to howl right through the house! Thanks for any help!

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

Cut off a leg of a worn-out pair of men's jeans. Sew one end of the leg shut. Stuff it with towels and rags. Sew the other end shut (or use snaps/Velcro if you want it to be washable). (11/26/2005)

By M

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

I used to make a long tube out of old blue jean legs and then fill with sand. (11/29/2005)

By Linda

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

In an emergency. roll up towels and place on window sills. Have had 3 on window sill during the cold spell we had, it helped a lot. (11/30/2005)

By Annette from Maine

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

My mom made these from a rug (preferably one that matches the room) by stitching the rug around several layers of newspapers that she placed evenly - so that when she rolled it - it was about the size of a softball in circumference - & stitch a loop on one end to hang it beside the door on a cup hook so it's out of the way when you need it less

Just cut whatever cloth you want to use a couple inches longer (or so) at each end. lay it down & start layering the newspapers then roll it & secure it while you stitch by hand or sew the tube first on the machine - then slide the rolled papers in --secure them with tape or rubber band or something so they stay rolled until you have it ready but I like that the "jean leg" full of sand seems easier :) (12/01/2005)

By melody_yesterday

Archive: How to Make Draft Stoppers

I would like to know if anyone knows how to make a draft stopper that you can lay at the bottom of a drafty door. I have seen them out in some little craft shops, but I'm not sure what they are filled with. Thanks in advance.

Barb from Mountaindale, NY

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

I use a towel, I do a "ogroll" with the towel and secure it with rubber bands or tie ribbon along the roll. So if it gets dirty, just unroll and put in the washer. Easy to make without sewing.(12/23/2008)

By dixie35481

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

For interior doors such as the mud room to the house use a 1 and 1/2 inch insulation tube. you can get the insulation tube from the hardware store. Measure the door. Cut the tube. Slide the tube under the door. You now have a twin draft stopper! (01/01/2009)

By Elizabeth

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

I made mine with scrap fake fur and filled it with cat litter. (01/05/2009)

By Lily May

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

Cat litter, rice, beans, foam. I think I'd use the cat litter since it'd be cheaper than the rice or beans. I got the foam Idea from one I saw on TV where there were two tubes of fabric connected by a section of fabric.. the into the tubes were inserted foam dowels (for lack of a better term) this could all be trimmed to fit. Then you slip it under the door, one tube on either side and shut the door. It's nice. (01/05/2009)

By Shosha

RE: How to Make Draft Stoppers

You can also fill with sand. (01/06/2009)

By mulberry204