Kenmore Washer Not Spinning


My Kenmore washer is great, but sometimes the spin cycle doesn't come on. If I hit it on the corner where the lid connects to the washer it always starts it up, but I had someone tell me it was the belt wearing out. I am going to sell it and I want to be able to tell them the truth.

By Susan from Reno, NV


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By Louise B. [6] 04/19/2011

I have had this fixed twice, and it is not a belt. I didn't see any belts in the machine at all. I think old gas machines had belts. There is a small part that wears out the transfers energy from the motor to the basket. My repair man fixes this problem in a matter of minutes and small cost, $60 for the service call, I think, and $10 for the part.

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Question: Kenmore 500 Washer Not Spinning

My washer will drain the water out, but most of the time it will not spin. It makes a sound like it's trying too. I can reach inside and rotate the drum counter clock wise until I hear a click and most of the time that fixes it the problem. But I have to do this with almost every load, after the rinse cycle and on the final spin.

By Melody D

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By Grandma J [54]03/04/2013

Check your belt. That would be the first step in any appliance that sounds like it is slipping. Been doing this with my Sear's machines - forever! My mom even had those!

Question: Kenmore Washer Won't Spin

My Kenmore washer is locked and it won't spin. What can I do to fix it?

By Tony

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By Louise B. [6]08/17/2011

I call a repair man. In my town there is a guy who comes on the same day, fixes the machine in 20 minutes, and I am back in business washing clothes after coffee break! Not worth the effort of doing it yourself.

Question: Kenmore Elite Topload Washer Won't Always Begin Spin Cycle

We run at least a load a day and this happens once every week or two. Pushing the button again is usually rewarded with a brief spin, but it can take a few tries before a normal cycle begins. I read a post here about a similar problem that was cured with a "$10 part" and would like more specific information or other suggestions, please?

By Jim

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By McQForShort07/24/2011

When I had this problem a few years ago, it was because the hose to drain the water was too low compared to the drum. It made it so the washer wouldn't spin and drain. Try checking: http://whirlpool.custhelp.com/app/a ... t-water,-wet-loads---top-load-washer
http://www.repairclinic.com/Washing ... ne-Troubleshooting?red=#itdoesntspin
If the belt is broken, it may be one that can be picked up at your local auto parts shop for about $10. Otherwise, it may be one of the other problems.

Question: Kenmore Washer Won't High Speed Spin

My Kenmore front load washer washes fine it just won't hi speed spin. A tech told me my pump was bad; I tested it and it is bad. Will that cause it not to go into hi speed spin?

By Frank


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Archive: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

I have a 6 or 7 year old Kenmore washing machine, 110 model. Some times when the spin cycle should start, it doesn't. If I help it, it will start spinning, but only about half speed. It always sounds like it is spinning, but isn't.

I have changed the coupling already. Any ideas?

bssampson from ,

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

I have at one time been involved in used appliance business it could be something is caught in your pump enough to prevent it from spinning out. I even had a t shirt in my pump once. Usually when washer will not spin the water out it is something in the pump. (09/12/2007)


RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

You may have a blocked drain hose. Ours did this a while back and we had a big blob of lint caught in the hose. We were so close to getting a new machine. Good Luck! (09/12/2007)

By Tracy

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

My husband says it sounds like you need to check the belt. It could be slipping. Change it and see if that works. We had to change a belt on ours one time. (09/13/2007)

By Linda Smith

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

It could be the belt around the washer is stretched out, that is why if you help get it going it doesn't slip. (09/14/2007)

By Crystal

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

My sister-in-law had the same problem, she was told the transmission was bad. I disassembled the machine and found it was a part worth about $20. If you take the drum off the transmission, there should be a plastic piece that looks like a coller. This acts as a cam to agitate and spin the drum. I don't know if it is the same as yours, but I purchased the repair kit from RepairClinic.com and it was part number 2744 (09/22/2007)

By johnnyg

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

johnnyg. You are the man. I have the same problem, washer works fine but will not spin or spins really slow. Empty, you can turn on the spin cycle and keep the tub from spinning with just a slight pressure from your finger tips on the inside of the tub. 2 hours of searching for an intelligent diagnosis and you are the first to nail it. All the rest are "tighten the belt or replace the lid switch". Thanks again. (10/03/2007)

By DoubleD

RE: Kenmore Model 110 Washer Not Spinning

DoubleD. Glad I could help. The guy that told my sister-in-law the transmission was bad has been an "appliance repairman" for many years. Maybe I'm in the wrong business. (10/04/2007)

By johnnyg

Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

My Kenmore washer is not spinning. You can hear the motor running, but it won't spin unless I start turning it first. All other cycles work okay. Please help.

Charlene from Gallatin, TN

RE: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

If you take the top off the agitator, there are little cams that get stripped and can cause this problem as well. Cheap fix. Parts available from Sears. (10/29/2008)

By Craig

Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

My Kenmore washing machine does not spin. The motor runs, but the basket does not move, it clicks.

By chief61

RE: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

The belt might be slipping, you can try replacing that. (07/02/2009)

By Fortunately

Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

My washing machine does not spin, it is a 15 year old Kenmore. Can I fix it myself?

By Kolette from Youngsville, LA

RE: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

Probably not. My washer quit spinning and agitating and I called the repair man. It took him about 20 minutes, but I was ready to go the same day I had the breakdown. It cost about $100, and was a small little part, but it was worth it. The part that needed replacing that causes the tub to spin often breaks on older machines. Mine is 10 years old. Just call a repairman. (02/27/2010)

By louel53

RE: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

Yes, you probably can fix it yourself! Most of the time it is a motor coupler. I just replaced mine. It washed and drained, but won't spin and you can hear the motor running. I went to parts store and picked up a motor coupler kit, for $18.00. It took about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I guess I saved about $80.

You can find a guide on how to, all over the internet. Most of them explained step by step very clearly. FYI, my Kenmore 110 is a direct drive, so no belt to mess with. If your washer is not agitating, you probably need to replace agitator ratchet "dogs", cost about $5. (03/16/2010)

By bob.of.all.trades

Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

I have a 110 series Kenmore washer. It will not spin. It has been suggested to check the pump. How do I get to it?

By Steve from Minneapolis

RE: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

Take the two screws out under the end caps on the control panel, flip the control panel back towards the wall, you will see two golden color spring clips on each side, use a screw driver and push down and towards you, also disconnect the molex plug, after that pull the whole case at you. Look at the lid switch that will stop it from spinning, the pump can be bad or the coupler that sits between the motor and tranny.

Most of the time it will be the lid switch or the actuator that is on the lid. You can put it in to spin and open the lid and use something to push down the switch if you don't here a click it will be the switch. You will need the full model# to get the right switch or just take it to your parts store. (06/02/2010)

By tech2

Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

I have a Kenmore washer. The tub does not spin. The clutch is spinning below, but it does not engage the tub. Any answers?


Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

I have a Kenmore wash machine that doesn't spin. It washes, drains, and you can hear the spin cycle going, but it will not turn on its own.


Archive: Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

My Kenmore washer is making a loud noise on the spin cycle and not spinning. Any suggestions? Do I call repairman or is it junk? Thanks.