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Drum in Frigidaire Washing Machine Dropped 2 inches

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The drum dropped about 2 inches on my Frigidaire washing machine. It still spins but is making an awful noise. It's only about 5 years old. How do I fix it?

Jenn from ON, Canada



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By deedee (Guest Post)01/10/2008

My washing machine is also 5 years and it is finished. we were told that the bearings are gone and cost is $600.00 plus repair costs. Makes no sense since we can buy a brand new one for same or less--which we did. Customer service were not helpful and rude. I will never buy another Frigidaire product. I have only used he detergent--the company tried to blame it on the washing detergent I used--yet only use high efficiency so that was not it. Frigidaire washing machines are a piece of junk--do not buy!

By Juanita [6]01/05/2008

There are brackets in there with little rubber wheels that hold the drum in place while it spins--or something very similar to these-- & they keep your machine from 'knocking' when it spins & agitates. It sounds like one or all of them have broken. Unless you're very handy & strong, it's time to call the repairman...

By Su Wilson [6]01/03/2008

Could be the belt has gone, not that I'm an expert or anything. Unplug, remove the back & see if anything looks obviously wrong. It might help to turn the drum by hand. The machine might be a goner but it can't hurt to look & it might save you a fortune.
I thought my machine was dead, it wouldn't drain or spin, it turned out to be some bobby pins of my daughter's & it cost me £1 for 2 clips. I'm still amazed I did it!

By mcw [80]01/03/2008

I'd call in a repair service to fix it.

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