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Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home


Tips to help you keep spiders out of your home. Post your ideas.


By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/25/2005 Flag

To keep down the spiders inside your home, spray down the outside of your house every two weeks with a good spray nozzle that has a small hole. Start at the top by the siding, do window frames, and don't forget the bottom of the siding at the basement edge underneath.

By Ardis Barnes

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By Guest (Guest Post) 04/26/2005 Flag

But what do you spray?

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By jim in oklahoma (Guest Post) 05/22/2005 Flag

I'm going to start doing thats also. Today I kill 4 Black Widows on the outside brick of my home.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 05/25/2005 Flag

To keep the spiders down in the house, start by spraying the outside of the house every two weeks with your hose. Use the best spray nozzle you have. Spray every nook and cranny. You'll be surprised how many spider nests you didn't know were there.

By Ardis Ilene Barnes

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By patty 1 1 05/26/2005 Flag

This is a great tip, but I sometimes appreciate one or two spiders near or in my home as it assures me that "other bugs" are being elimated in the wonderful process of the food chain.

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By chels. (Guest Post) 12/26/2006 Flag

dreaded daddy long legs!
how to keep them out!? [of a basment room]

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By Jaimee (Guest Post) 09/02/2007 Flag

I hate hate hate spiders...this year seems to be extra bad. I blended up about 4 lemons - 1/4 pieces in blender the rest filled up with tap water and blended real good. Then I strained and put the juice into a sprayer from the $1 store, and sprayed all corners of my wall and and even out side on the windows. I would rather have bee's than spiders.. :8) I also cut then slices of lemon and put them in the air vent (Spiders hate lemon). If you have pledge lemon do your wood work with it and vacuum the corners of your walls every other day. I went from seeing 15 a day to maybe 1-2 a week so it does work. Also making sure your bushes are not too close to your house is major.

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By again got more for ya (Guest Post) 09/02/2007 Flag

No more spiders without using chemicals - "All spiders are good," sounds great until one is crawling on you! My philosophy is simple. If I see a spider in the house, it is going to die. Here is the ultimate weapon: Mice glue traps. You know, the cardboard, with the glue. When the mice walk on it, they get stuck. So do spiders! You can buy a 4-6 pack for about 2 dollars. Lay a trap in each corner (adjust for little kids and wandering pets), of the room where you will not accidentally step on it (bad news). You can also staple them (they are white and blend in) to ceilings and walls. You will not see any more spiders in your house, except the ones stuck on the glue traps! It is amazing how well it works! I even lay a few in attic, crawlspaces, and under cupboards. You will never freak out finding a spider again!

Remember where all the traps are, you do not want to accidentally get them stuck on you! And be advised; when you empty full traps that many of the spiders are still alive. Try it !

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By CJ (Guest Post) 09/24/2008 Flag

I thought I would try crabapples by cutting them up in 1/4 and put them in the corner of the rooms. We have recluses really bad in the addict, I was bite by one and my doctor calls me a miracle. I've tried recluse spider traps which work great but I can't seem to find them any where since wal-greens doesn't carry them any more. So I thought I would try Crabapples keeping fingers crossed. I was reading on here that crabapples are good for roaches which we don't have but recluse spiders we have plenty of them. If anyone knows any other way to get rid of recluses they can e-mail at XxCJSTELLAxX AT have tried the mouse traps with glue, but I can't cut them to place them where they need to go. Once bitten you don't forget, I am so fortunate to not have a huge gaping hole where the ER doctor drew from my collar bone pass my breast clear to my belly button two fist size across saying they were going to have to cut all that area out within an hour, I saw plastic surgeon that wanted to wait my skin turned gray as I lost a lot of dead skin, the bite looked like someone had beaten me but only lost some skin and had to stay out of the sun while the skin deroiated it took over a year for this area to heal.

I had woke up from a dead sleep from the bite and I grab what was biting me which cause the spider to pump the poison in the bite more.. I am so very Lucky after seeing what recluses can do to a human, The poison keeps eating the flesh away leaving you a black hole depending on the bite and it's location, as for mine I don't have that just discolor skin.

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By Donna 9 41 11/02/2008 Flag

There are several posts about spraying the outside of your home to keep spiders from getting into your house.
What do we spray on the outside of the house?

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By c_andrews1010 1 10/24/2013 Flag

I live in northern CA and we have lots of spiders and also recluses. I have used orange oil with good effect but you have to keep spraying it, especially outside. There are commercial brands which are purely orange oil. However I have some hiding near the computer and I don't want to spray oil on it. I will try orange oil on cotton balls and maybe the chestnut oil someone suggested. We have lavender growing at work. Think I'll bring some home.

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By Elizabeth T. 1 09/16/2014 Flag

Hey Jaimee would lemons juice do the samething as just 4 lemons, just wondering? My daughter and her husband have seen brown recluses in their home. Need some help bad. They have a small child.

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