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Make Your Own Mailbox

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The mailbox along the road at my house is the standard black plastic domed type (you can glimpse a tiny picture of it it to the visual right of my steps). It leaks. The door's crooked. It's, in my opinion, ugly.

Since I have to replace it anyway, I'd like some ideas about what sort of box to mount on the post. Imagine the glass body of a kitchen blender put horizontally and that might give you an idea of my taste. Simple. Clean looking. Elegant? Definitely not kitschy.

Please offer me some suggestions. I can't find anything I really like in a Google search, and I thought maybe I could make something?


By bsvgs from Big Bend WV


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By Annette [10]10/07/2009

Get or have someone build you a bird house or a barn, large enough for mail and jazz it up a bit. You can be as creative as you want. Good luck

By Dee [3]10/05/2009

The coolest mailbox I have seen was in the country, and they had a mailbox about 6 feet higher than the regular mailbox with an eagle on it, said Air Mail! LOL really cute!


Hi Nica :-)

I think Cookiesky meant to make a glass block mailbox by mortoring a few of them together to make a 'box' :-) It's a good idea and you can choose your block design and size to use. You can get the mortor you need to use at the same place you purchase the blocks.

Whatever you decide please share a photo of your new mailbox and you might as well enter it in the photo or craft contest because if you win you'll receive $25.00 ;-)

By Nica [18]10/01/2009

Thanks! The post office has only a few regulations, & they're pretty relaxed about them. The only glass blocks I've seen are closed in. Are there hollow ones? Nica


Well, why not use the blender ;-)

The biggest thing is that you need to ask the rules from your local post office and, actually, they might even give you some cool ideas from mailboxes they've seen if you ask ;-)

By Cookie Stephens [5]09/30/2009

How about using glass blocks?

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