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I am 12 weeks pregnant and just found my cat (I have 3 "indoor" cats) throwing up a pile of "life" roundworms. I also have a 6 year old child. What do I need to do? I will take that cat to the vet and get him and the other 2 treated. I have isolated all the cats in different rooms. Now do I have to "wash" all my carpets and upholstery? I have a large house! Do I have to take my child to the doctor? Can they even test if she is infected? How long should I isolate the cats?

Thank you for any answers!



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By Sarah (Guest Post) 02/15/2007

CALL YOUR CHILDS PEDIATRICIAN!! Plus mention this on your next check up.

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By Carolyn C. Cooke 19 222 02/15/2007

Your vet should be able to answer these questions. Also, call the pediatrician right away--and keep calling until you get him/her on the line.

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By Sherri (Guest Post) 02/15/2007

Please take your cats, yes all your cats to the vet asap. I have worked for a veterinarian for over 27 years and I know that your Vet will want to see your animals. Please take a sample of the worm with you to the vet so they can see which ones they are. Cats will throw up Tapeworms. Tapeworms are caused by injesting flea eggs. If they are round worms, they usually come from the dirt. Also, please call your child's Dr. if your child has been around the cats or playing. Your Vet can give them medication to get rid of the worms. SINCE YOU ARE PREGNANT DO NOT CHANGE THE LITTER PAN, THERE IS A CHANCE YOU COULD GET TOXOPLASMOSIS. PLEASE ASK YOUR DR. ABOUT THIS. STAY AWAY FROM CAT FECES...
I hope all goes well for you......

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By (Guest Post) 02/17/2007

Thank you. I have taken my daughter to the doc and also called the vet who did not want to see my cat (!) but let me pick up medication. I gave it to all 3 cats and had them seperated for 3 days. The "wormy" cat I still have in a seperate room.
I have not touched the litterboxes since I got pregnant, but they all sleep in our beds. Now I have the doors to our bedrooms shut and take a stool sample to the vet on monday.
I should be fine??

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By april (Guest Post) 07/25/2007

our baby kitten is 6 weeks old and she keeps throwing up stomach fluids but nothing else is in her vomit and theres nothing wrong with her stool..what do we do please write back asap

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