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Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top


My husband and I just got this table and I was serving dinner and put a hot serving bowl on it, and now there is a white ring on it. I do now know what kind of wood it is, but it has a cherry finish, I think. Please help me find a solution to get the ring out, please.

By Jen from Schroeder, MN


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By Gerald 2 03/03/2010

Try putting mayonnaise on the heat stain and let it sit overnight. This shouldn't hurt the finish. Then wipe it off.
If that doesn't work, use a tiny bit of denatured alcohol on a rag and wipe over the stain.

If that doesn't work, rub the stain with very fine steel wool. This will cut into the finish and will erase the stain if it's on the surface. The steel wool will change the sheen of the finish. You can steel wool the whole top to make all the sheen the same. Or you can use toothpaste or a rubbing compound to buff the area to a higher sheen to match the surrounding sheen.

If the stain goes all the way through the finish, you will have to sand down to bare wood which will open up a big can of worms.

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By gloria 4 03/05/2010

I too have done this to my kitchen table. someone told me a long time ago to use baby oil gel. I buy johnson and johnson lavender scented. it works great. I take it and rub the spot real good with it and just leave it. light spots will disappear quickly others I have left the gel on all night and in the morning just wipe it off. all mine disappeared. and you have a nice fragance, too.

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By jg4959 2 12/02/2013

Use a hair drier. Slowly heat up the spot, keeping the drier moving. In just a minute or two, the heat spot will be gone. I've done this many times. (7 kids)

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By jg4959 2 12/02/2013

Use a hair drier. Keep it moving and in a minute or 2, presto!

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Archive: Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top

How do I remove a white heat stain from a cherry table top?

Bart from Wilmington, NC

RE: Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top

Hope this helps. I have removed these stains with mayonnaise. Just rub a little over the stain and let it set overnight. Wipe it off with a dry cloth and the stain should be gone. If not, try a second "round". (10/07/2007)

By SassyKat

RE: Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top

A friend of mine removed a heat stain from a tabletop with toothpaste (of all things!), but I don't remember what kind of wood her table was made of. You would definitely want to test the toothpaste on your table in an inconspicuous place (like maybe on the underside of the table?) first to make sure it wouldn't damage it. Good luck. (10/08/2007)

By Lynn from CA

RE: Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top

We have just had this problem on a new dining room table (Oak). I went on the web and found a solution to the problem. With a light towel and a steam iron. Our iron has a shot of steam button. Using this and the towel directly over the stain, it magically disappeared. The spots on our table are completely gone in just seconds. (11/25/2007)

By Bt086

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