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Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

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metal mouse trap

Mice often come into our homes to find food and warmth; keeping them out requires some persistence on your part. This is a guide about keeping mice out of your home.


Solutions: Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

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Tip: Rulers Keep Mice and Roaches out of Cupboards

We were so disgusted when we found a mouse had made his way into our kitchen cupboards. We found a half inch space along the bottom of the cupboard doors where the nasty little mouse made his way in. I knew I needed molding or something to cover that space, but needed something right then (in the middle of the night) that wouldn't be an eyesore. What ended up working perfectly were several clear plastic rulers I had bought (3 for $1) at a dollar store. They were JUST the right size and shape and had holes already drilled in them. I could have screwed them on, but instead I hot glued them to the bottom of the cupboard where the door meets the cabinet box and this worked just fine! Now those nasty creatures can't make their way into my cupboards and eat my cereal!

Tip: Mice Don't Like Potpourri Toilet Deodorizers

I have accidently stumbled on a way to keep those 4 legged kritters out from under your cupboards. We live in the country and sometimes have a problem with mice getting into the house. They seem to love my lower cupboards (even with 4 cats) and I find traces of them.

I accidently left a potpourri toilet bowl deodorizer under the cupboards. No mice! It was still in the wrapper and not opened, but, they stopped getting into my cupboards! I now hang one on the rails on the sides of the braces that hold the shelves. This way they are not touching your pots and pans that you keep there. (I would not reccomend this where there are food products.)

By Joyce from Decaturville, TN

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Here are questions related to Keeping Mice Out of Your Home.

Question: Keeping Mice Out of My House

I moved into a new construction 3 years ago. Since then, I've been having problems with mice. I'm not sure where they are coming from. I make sure doors are closed because there is construction around the area where I live and I know rodents tend to roam those areas. Despite of my efforts, I keep on finding mice droppings.

At first, I would find droppings inside my cabinets. Since there is no food in any of my lower cabinets, the mice are now outside in my kitchen area.

I've used traps and just this year I've caught 4. Where could they be coming from and more importantly how can I make sure they stop coming in?

By Ponce from Chicago, IL


Most Recent Answer

By Sheila [3]02/26/2012

Moth balls! We throw them under the house, just enough that they don't smell inside the house and must be done about once a month. We also throw them around the footing of the outside of the house. Moth balls also deters snakes, bugs, ants and such. My husband also put a little of the spray foam in the holes around our pipes, then put in steel wool and sprayed more foam on it as well. We haven't had a mice, rat or anything since we did this.

Question: Mice in the House

The house next door to us was empty for about 3 years, while the bank that foreclosed on it and renovated it back to habitability. There must have been about 20 people living there at one point. Thankfully, a lovely young couple with two small children, bought the house. The bank, also must have hired an exterminator, prior to putting the home up for sale, and the mice that must have been living in an empty quiet house, have decided to move into "our" house. We can not afford the expense of an exterminator. My husband has set traps, but I think the problem is bigger than just setting a dozen or so mouse traps. I have two dogs and am reluctant to put out poison. Any suggestions? I would prefer to just humanely make them go away, as opposed to killing them, but will consider all suggestions.

By Kathleen


Most Recent Answer

By karenlynn [3]01/15/2013

Check site for Riddex, it is something you plug in and somehow its electronic rays repel the mice. I don't remember the cost but it was cheaper than an exterminator and safe for my pets and children. I have one upstairs and one downstairs and, knock wood.

Question: Keeping Mice Out of the House

Is there anything you can put around your house outside to prevent mice in a old home?

By Bev

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/11/2012

I'm voting for a cat or two. And my wanton killer is a male. It just depends on the cat's temperment and skill!

Question: Eliminating Mice

Will moth balls help get rid of mice? My cat is too large to get in the space where the mice are getting in behind my cabinets. I could drop moth balls down there. Maybe the smell of the balls would deter the mice.


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/23/2012

Moth balls are poisonous to everything (including you) and have a terrible smell. They are just as bad as mice, really, in my opinion. Do not use them.

Question: Mice Nested in Refrigerator

I had my Kenmore Elite refrigerator (with interior water dispenser) in the garage at the house I am renting (I had to use their frig) for the past two years. I will be moving and was cleaning up the frig again and found that mice/rats had built nests in the bottom of the frig.

I cleaned up what I can reach after removing the lower back plastic panel where the vents are, but I am scared it isn't safe or sanitary to use anymore. I am not sure where the air is being pulled in to cool the interior and if it is pulling from where they lived since I could not reach all of the interior of the frig, then I don't think it is safe. Also, they could have possibly chewed on wires so I don't know if it is now a possible fire hazard. Please advise whether or not the frig is safe to use. Thank you.

By Annie

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]03/19/2012

If you have not plugged it in yet, please don't. Chewed wiring can blow a circuit or pop the breakers at the least.

If you have to, at least plug it into a wall that the circuit has been flipped off. Then, flip the breaker so you are not holding the cord or close to it. Good luck.

Question: Using the Pest Offense Plug-in for Mice

Do the Pest Offense plug-ins keep mice and rats out?

By Meka

Most Recent Answer

By Krista Shackleford12/06/2013

Save your money and electricity. They do not work.

Question: Mice Eating Houseplants

I want to know why mice are digging in my houseplants? I have had houseplants for last 30 years, but never had mice in my home. I live in a mobile home and have 2 dogs. I want to rid my home of these little creatures without killing my plants. What can I put in my plants? I did find the hole they came in and closed it off. What can you suggest? Help.

By Ann

Most Recent Answer

By Catherine [7]03/11/2013

Digging to eat the roots is more the doing of fieldmouse or of voles than mice. Usualy they do not come into the houses unless they are trapped in or if they are very hungry!

Oil castor plant products are very good repellents but you should take advice to find the right product to use indoor without danger for your dogs. Sorry for the details but if it is a mouse, and specially in a mobilhome, it leaves behind a tipical smell that you would have noticed.

I could not agree more with Lilly who's advising you not to use poison, for the sake of your dogs and also because fieldmouse is one of the cutest intelligent and funny animal to watch. I do realize that this is not a thing to say to garden lovers ! although most of the time, gardeners blame on the fieldmouse what is in fact done by voles. Cheer up ! once back in its natural place close to your mobilhome and not inside, your fieldmouse will help you get rid of snails and catterpillars.

Hope this helps!

Question: Keeping Mice Out of the Kitchen Drawers

How can you keep mice from getting in your kitchen drawers?

By mandy87

Most Recent Answer


Get an inside cat. We have not had mice in years.

Question: Repelling Mice

How do you keep mice out of a house which is currently vacant and for sale?

By Tray C. from Nova Scotia

Most Recent Answer

By michele [7]04/19/2012

We owned and operated a seasonal fishing camp/resort out in the bush. Our cabins, lodge and washroom facilities were basic & simple. It was a summer business. In the fall we closed down, and in came the mice, although we lived year round on site with 5 cats! I tried everything to protect the cabins, house, etc. from the mice! Now you cannot mouse proof over 11 acres of resort out in the bush, can you? Thanks to a old timer bush man we did.

You may laugh out loud at his wisdom on getting rid of mice or other rodents, when you think about how his bush man solution works out in the boonies, with seasonal cabins, a lodge, workshop, garage and our house.

Here it is, and it worked like a charm for us. It is to feed them Exlax... super strength if you can. Rodents love Exlax! We placed it outside & inside. If we thought a cat or dog could get at it, we covered it so that only a rodent could get in and eat it. Even if a bigger animal did get it, it wasn't deadly.

The old bush man told us. Rodents are smaller, their digestive systems are smaller. A little Exlax goes a long way! Rodents live in communities or families. If one gets sick in "home space". They learn fast and leave for a safer environment.

A mouse/ any rodent loves the chocolate wax like bar of Exlax! Add peanut butter to the bars if you like. It is "Dairy Queen Deluxe" for rodents. Once the word is out among fellow rodents about the "after effects" of the food supplied, they leave the area for healthier food, as well as, communicate and smell the
"Gastric Distress and Results" of the afflicted Exlax filled rodent to the community!

We thought it was crazy until it worked. The mice were gone and we were trouble free for over 5 years! Easy and Inexpensive! Yes, some rodents had diarrhea as they packed up and left, but we never smelled it. Anyway this worked for us up until we sold the resort and moved!

PS - As it looks and tastes like chocolate, DO NOT put where kids, adults or pets may eat it! You know what will happen with Exlax! Good luck and happy rodent free spaces!

Copied from thrifty fun and have been mouse free since using it. I used this first in 2010 and knock on wood haven't had a mouse since in the house.

Question: Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

Who can seal the perimeter of my home/ I'm having problems with mice. Orkin suggested I get it done so I can keep the mice out.

By Margaret

Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer Nelson [1]08/25/2011

Cats do not keep mice away. A good exterminator will seal your home to where they cannot enter.

Question: Peppermint Oil Spray for Mice in My Home

How can I buy peppermint oil spray to use to get rid mice in my home?

By Vivian E

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]05/26/2013

Just buy peppermint oil and add a few drops of it to a spray bottle of water.

Question: Will Limestone Around House Foundation Keep Mice Away?

I heard that packing limestone around the base of your house will keep mice away (apparently they don't like the limestone). Is that true?

By Chels from Winnipeg, Maintoba, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Becca J [2]09/03/2010

Crushed limestone is typically used in some areas to create a drainage field around the house. Believe me: it doesn't do anything to prevent mice. Due diligence is the only thing that works. That means keeping things clean, in good repair, and trapping/killing the varmits. Hope this helps.


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Archive: Keeping Mice Out of My House

Does anyone have an idea on how to stop mice from entering an older house? We put steel wool around the places where the pipes come in.