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Homemade Wine Rack

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How do you build your own wine rack?

By micharnott from NJ


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By christi [66]05/20/2009 Several different examples from good luck

By Cyinda [214]05/13/2009

There's many ways to do it. If you only need a smaller one, one idea is to buy a small table then build the wine rack underneath in the leg area. You'd just need to run 2 horizontal pieces of 1 x 2's across the front & the back of the legs then run smaller 1 x 1's (or larger) from the front to the back every 3 or 4 inches over the horizontal 1 x 2's, then nail a piece of lattice across the front of the shelves then after removing the back of the shelf, put another piece of lattice across the back of the shelves, one that exactly matches up with the front lattice, You'll then put your wine from the front to the back.

But by far the easiest wine rack is you simply get a piece of wood & place it on a stand then drill holes big enough to put the necks of the bottles through. You simply put the necks in & they stay. Just look online at pictures of wine racks. But why buy one? I see wine racks all the time for almost nothing at thrift shops & garage sales. It's probably cheaper to buy one already made than to make your own. You can usually find one for around $12 at discount stores, they're made of wood & you put them together yourself. IKEA also has them call or e-mail them & ask for a free catalog. They'll send one to your home.

Here's some pictures and ideas:

RE: Homemade Wine Rack

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