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Cabbage Bread Rolls Recipes

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Cabbage Bread Rolls

Bread stuffed with cabbage and other ingredients makes a delicious main course sandwich. This page contains cabbage bread rolls recipes.



Here are questions related to Cabbage Bread Rolls Recipes.

Question: Cabbage Bun Recipe

I am looking for an easy recipe for cabbage buns. Thanks.

By M.J.


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You're welcome, Cica. Let me know how you like it :-)

Question: Recipe For Cabbage Bread Rolls

I am looking for a recipe for cabbage rolls. My mom used to make them. They were a yeast roll with hamburger, cabbage, and onions fried and placed inside the dough and baked. They were really good, but I have been unable to find my mom's recipe, does anyone have one? Please help.

By Valorie from Okmulgee, OK


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By scott E. [19]12/18/2010

This won the recipe contest when it was posted:

Solutions: Cabbage Bread Rolls Recipes

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